Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forgotten Sketch Tablet

Sleep was avoiding me the other night and I grew restless, nothing worth watching on late night TV, and I was tired of reading.  It was too late to fire up Betsy, but was in the "mood" to play with Mr. Mojo.  I went looking for a sketch pad that I could drag into bed with me and while digging around in my paint and drawing drawer I found this OLD sketch pad I hadn't paid any attention to in years.
Thought I'd share my find today.  Most of these are at least 10 yrs old, and some of them really aren't very good........but it is an on going process this art thing......LOL
An unfinished sketch for one of my boys
Colored pencil and marker ( youngest son was a drummer at the time)
Pencil sketch I did at work one very slow afternoon
Quick sketch that was rumbling around in my head, you can see the shadow from the next page in the background.  That is how long these have been in the drawer.
A copy of a colored picture on a post card.
A study of some trees
A study of light and shadow on fabric.  More shadows from the previous page in the background.
Colored pencil and marker, from an inspirational piece I happened to see at World Market.
Water color pencil, very flat looking eh?
Couldn't stand it, so I touched it up with some Inktense pencils, a little better, but not great by any means
Thanks for stopping by, if you made it THIS far let me know.....LOL
Inky Hugs


  1. OH KRISHA, these are fantastic. You draw SO WELL. I love every one of them, even though you may think some aren't that good. If you couldn't draw at all (like me), you'd be head over heels in love with every one of these. Super impressive.

  2. Oh my word, Krisha - your sketches are amazing! I love the crumpled fabric, and the abstract musical piece is fantastic! Hope we'll be seeing more of this - must be fascinating looking back and seeing this work, and then looking at where the journey has taken you since.
    Alison x