Monday, July 14, 2014

T-Stands for Tuesday Turns ONE! & Happy Mail

Happy Birthday T- Stands for Tuesday!  What a ride it has been to join in T-day with Elizabeth and Bluebeard for the past year, although I think I missed one or two.

This is  a photo I took on vacation a couple weeks ago.  The drink is water, but that coffee cake is was a 3 berry, scrumptious creation, that they make right there and it was still warm when I got it.  It was so BIG, but I did manage to eat almost half of it.  We were in the small town of Avila, right on the beach, and dropped into a place that our DIL said had good ice cream and fudge (DH doesn't pass an ice cream shop, of a place that sells good fudge very often)  You can see his cup of ice cream peaking from behind the glass.  This place, called The Hula Hut, reminded me of Elizabeth and all the places she takes us to and takes great pictures of the excursion.  So, only to be out done a smidge, I walked around the shop and took some pictures.

They also had a nice little seating area inside and out on the sidewalk, for you to sit and enjoy the delights and the ocean view.
Last week Elizabeth told us to find a favorite T-day post, from this past year.  I kept going through them, as I keep all the photos used in posts in a file on my PC; but I couldn't make up my mind.  I mean...... remember how many have my GDs in them???  Which one do I choose???  Actually I left them both out and did this instead........LOL
This was the most SURPRISING post of the year.  I had posted it as usual, on a Monday night, and the next morning I am reading the comments and there is one from the author of the book, Bev Hoffman!   Can you believe how small the "net" has made this ole world??  I have conversed with her on Face Book  couple of times.  The title of this book is "Looking for Me", and I really enjoy the way she writes and the story line was a good one. It was a perfect quick summer read, now I'm looking for the other one she wrote.  (can't remember the title right now for nothing)
Happy mail in the box today revealed this very pretty post card.
I wish the scanner would do better, cause this is such a pretty PC.  It has a crackle background that reveals some metallic, then all the images and sentiment are all metallic too.  Oh, you want to know who sent it to me??  Well, a new friendship has sprung up via T-Stand for Tuesday and WOYWW.  We both live in CA, but she is much further north, and probably much cooler too.  Yep, it's from Deb, better known as jinxxxygirl.  Thanks Deb, I really love it, looks just like this valley!
Thanks goes to Elizabeth for a year of gallivanting around the world to see what others have in their cuppas, glasses and or bottles!
So that's a wrap for this Tuesday's post, hope you didn't get bored, I do tend to ramble on, and on, and...........I'll just say "Good night Gracie"
Inky Hugs



  1. I was in awe of your post this week. Your photos of the Hula Hut were perfect, and put mine to shame, because I have a tendency to ramble on and on and . . . well, you get the picture. Not sure how you got these together like this, because it almost seems like magic.

    Speaking of getting the picture, I was very impressed with your choice of T photos this week. These brought back SO many wonderful memories we've shared over the past year. What a lovely assortment of cups you have chosen for your T post this week. Thanks so much for sharing them.

    And now it's time to say goodnight to you, too, Gracie!

  2. Hello and Happy T Day! So fun to see another past post I remember and loved. The Hula Hut looks like a cool place to be and I like the name of it.
    Isn't the internet great for finding new friends and exchanging happy mail together, YAY!! I love the PC she sent you, beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post and have a good week.

  3. Love all those cups you found and what a surprise from the author
    Bridget #4

  4. I think I may have missed the hula hut post in the past. I have missed tea I few times over the past year.
    Looks like a really fun place!!

  5. Fun post full to the brim and I like the idea of reposting because life moves so fast I can easily see something more than once and enjoy it!
    ACT OLD LATER is great and that coffee cake OH MY!
    Fun to see your fine array of mugs in your mosaic too...
    Here's to continued sharing and fun...
    Happy T Day

  6. Clever you! I like your photo collages a lot. One of the best things about T Tuesday is meeting new friends. I count you as one of those.


  7. I enjoyed following you on your rambles. Love that cup collage! :) Happy T Day Anniversary.

  8. My hubby would have downed that whole piece of yummy cake in no time:) Your photo collages are fab-and I love that "act old later" sign! Beautiful card-and how wonderful that we are able to connect to someone we would not have known if it weren't for the internet and wonderful groups like the T group. Happy T day!

  9. Hello! You had a great idea to assemble a group of photos from your favorite T-Day posts. I wish I had thought of that.

    Looks like you had a fun trip and got GREAT coffee cake. I always like berry coffee cakes the best, since the berries make them nice and moist.

    How strange that Blogger ate your comment about my dyed fabric. Oh well, it doesn't seem to have prevented us from communicating over the past year.

    Happy T Day!

  10. Hi Krisha!!! I'm so glad you like your postcard!! I received yours too!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach! Thanks so much for thinking of me!

    I love seeing all your cups. And 'Act old Later' made me smile. I have no archives to dig thru but i did make a new post... :) Thanks so much for sharing ! Hugs! deb

  11. Fabulous post and mmmmmmmn that cake looks great. Yours and Elizabeth's books look fun. I have just bought Elizabeth's on kindle for a holiday read! I often find short stories better on long journeys!
    Loving your Believe mug. NEED that one as it is my favourite word!

  12. Love the photos, especially the "act old later" lol. Such a treat to hear from the author of a book you enjoyed!

  13. Fab post today Krisha! Love your mintage of cups pics. That berry cobbler looks so yummy. Happy T day. Hugs

  14. That was so cool that the author made a comment on your post! It is hard to believe a year has gone by already. Happy T-Day anniversary! :)

  15. The Hula Hut looks like a fun place to enjoy a sweet treat and browse. That coffee cake looked so yummy! I really enjoyed the post you shared with the cups. Happy t anniversary!

  16. Hula Hut looks like a great place. That coffee cake looks yumm!. Those cups sketches look very pretty.
    Have a lovely week Krisha

  17. great variety of fun photos, and love that cup with the 'just add glitter' phrase! also the sign: act old later--epic. happy T anniversary!

  18. Love your post this week and those cups are really cool and that shop looks interesting too. Great postcard, I love sending the postcards out, I really get a bigger kick out of it but always wish that I could see the receivers face when they open their mail. Ah the beauty of the internet, we get to travel the world meet interesting like minded people, and you were lucky enough to get the author of the book to contact you, wow wonderful.

    Hope you have a great week.

    Hugs Eliza