Monday, May 11, 2015

T stands for Brunch

Is it just me, or is the month of May on a FAST track? Here it is Tuesday once again and as I look back at my last couple of post, they are all T-days with Elizabeth.  Makes me wonder...."Just what have I been doing with my time????"
This last weekend was Mother's Day, here in the States.  DH and I attended a Mother's Day Brunch at our favorite winery , Le Cuvier.  It was a beautiful day with warm sunshine and just a slight breeze.
They served the brunch out on the patio, under a huge old oak tree.
(I know that looks like a ton of wine glasses, but they set a glass for each wine and for plain or sparling water)

I forgot my camera, at home on the bar, so I took pictures with my cell phone.......thank goodness for technology!!!  Here people are beginning to arrive, the brunch was at 11 a.m., we were each greeted  with a spectacular Chardonnay wine. 
The whole menu was centered around Chardonnay wines from the owners wine library.  The oldest, served with the first course was a 1997..........just fantastic in color and flavors.  The chef, for the day, was superb and the food just melted in your mouth.
This is the menu, sorry about the crumpling it got in my purse......LOL
The NV "Select" Chardonnay means that this wine is no longer available to the public or to the wine club.

This is the back of the menu and talks about the wines.  I don't know who writes about the wines, but they have a flare with the words.......always enjoy reading them.

Beautiful flowers graced the tables.
 So this morning I am paying bills and open the water bill to find this:

We are on a flat rate for our water, so this really doesn't make sense. I don't know anybody who waters EVERYDAY, and even if there are some who do......what is to keep us from running the water LONGER on our day to make it to the next day we can water???  I mean it is only every other day......LOL  Bakersfield is on something like this's a joke!  If they really want people to stop wasting water they will have to put meters on the houses, businesses, and farms AND also enforce this letter. I'm not saying I want a water meter on my house, but we will abide by these new rules........I don't really want to give the City $500!!! 

I have to laugh at the people who say ( in comments on the 'net) that everybody is California needs to dump their swimming pools........LOL  1. not all of us have a pool   2. the water in the pool stays there all year, rarely ever is a pool we keep water running for the fish, golf courses and for the fracking that is going on in this state!!!!!! Katy bar the door if we put it on our grass......LOL

Okay! I am off my soap box now.

I'm linking up with Elizabeth and the T-gang to see what's in everyone else's cup this week.

BBQ competition time is upon us, our first is this weekend, here in Bakersfield!!! Pictures to follow next week..............
Inky Hugs


  1. Looks like a lovely day in a gorgeous setting
    Bridget #1

  2. Even before I saw the glasses, I saw the beautiful flowers and colorful tablecloth. What an amazing way to be treated for Mother's Day, especially when you have such a great wine club.

    I had NO idea you didn't have a water meter at your house. I thought everyone had a water meter. I've never owned a house that didn't have one. Guess that's the midwest for you.

    Long ago I started Xeriscaping. The first year I planted plants in my "flower bed" and gave them water for about a month in order to establish their roots. After that, I said whatever lived in the garden stayed, and whatever died was not meant to be. Granted, i don't have a lot of lovely flowers like some people, but I have growth ,which is more than I had when I moved in. Since no grass would grow under my shade tree, I was more than happy that ANYTHING took off.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely wine brunch and your water bill with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. Hi Krisha, what a lovely Mother's Day treat you had! Mind you, the wine would be wasted on me, but I would enjoy the flowers and the food! LOL
    Your water bill made me smile... the only way to reduce the usage is to meter it... then you pay attention to the waste...

  4. Oh my, that gorgeous setting alone would have me there. Awesome menu and wine selection making me wish I lived nearby! Yes, my friends and I get a kick out of some of the descriptive words used to describe wine:) We often are reminded to save water too and when it is because of the threat of a drought we get a notice telling us not to water plants every day, no hoses and washing cars etc. or you get fined. I don't know of anyone who has been fined though. Happy T day and thanks for sharing your wonderful brunch.

  5. The winery and brunch looks lovely. As for water - well you know that's all we talk about here in CA. We have a meter and stay under our current tier 1 allowance. The Mt. house also has a meter but we are (and always have been) charged for a min. of 1,000 gal. per month no matter whether we use it or not. Some winter months we aren't even there. Go figure!


  6. happy belated mums day..we celebrate it here in march. love the brunch and tablecloth..feel like I am there too

  7. What a lovely treat for Mothers day. Those flowers are beautiful, I love Irises. Sounds like you had a grand day.
    I think every house in every 'developed' country, should have water meters. It is far too easily squandered.
    Happpy T Day :o))

  8. Now that is a spectacular way to spend your Mothers Day. Gorgeous photos. I agree with the have to find new ways to save or ration water? We are lucky and have our own well. But that doesn't mean we squander the water. It has been a very dry spring. I haven't watered anything. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Such a lovely Mother's Day! I enjoyed seeing the menu, too --- casual, classy, and Californian!

    Wish we could send some of our water y'all's way. (Anything to get the government off y'all's backs!)

    Sending blessings instead of rain but better than that! 8-)

  10. Your Mother's Day luncheon reminds me of when we were on vacation in California & had a delicious lunch at one of the wineries. The table was as beautiful as the food was good...and flowers everywhere!

    The menu was very creative!

    Since we have well water here, we don't usually have water shortages, but I can certainly identify with the restrictions from when I lived in a large city.

  11. Beautiful place and fancy wines...quite a nice Mother's Day.
    The water restrictions...I wondered how they can force people with new homes to decorate their lawns the way they want them to? That struck me as quite odd. Just them telling me how to landscape my own yard would put the hair up on my back. Seems unamerican somehow. If they can't water very often and the landscaping all dies--that's their choice. I agree with the rest of your comments, too. The government is not always logical.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  12. We don't have brunches here but I think I'd like to be in one. Love the atmosphere and the gorgeous flowers.Mesmerizing, my friend!