T Stands for BBQ and Birthday

Well, here we are on Tuesday (actually Monday here) once again, how the weeks are just flying by......before long it'll be time to put up "C" decorations again........OMG!!!   LOL!  But in the meantime I'll just link up with T-Gang  again.
Been a really crazy week around here, and it usually is the week before a BBQ competition, thank goodness this first one is in our own backyard.....so there was no traveling.......and some of us got to come home and sleep in our own beds!
The making of the rubs (seasonings) for the brisket.  I make sure I stay totally out of his way.....of course there is no room left for me anyway......LOL   AND he dropped my coffee grinder and broke it!.
On to the BBQ itself......lots of pictures....but I'll keep it short.

The morning of the BBQ the sky looked like this.......it had poured rain the night before......no I'm NOT kidding.......rain HERE in May?????? But it all burned off and was a beautiful day.
Megan asked her Papa if she could help......so he let her spoon the marinade over the meat......it is usually on a table...but she is only 5 and he set it low for her to help...........she has him so twisted around her finger........LOL

The 8 year olds worked on our chalk board.......love the spelling....so cute!  Yes, we did change it later on.

The three cooking the meats

Serving the crowd.....yes the baby's face is blanked out on purpose, for safety reasons
Here we all are (except the San Diego half) in our new red shirts for this year.  This was after all the judging and we were packing it all up to come home, I'm surprised any of us (over 50.....that would be DH and me) had enough energy left to smile...........yes, that IS Bob's smile!!

It was a fun cook, even though we didn't place very high in the scoring, but we are all ready to do it again.  For more pictures you can check us out on King's Cut BBQ on FB.

Well between loading pictures (blogger is so slow) I have managed to get the laundry done, still foldables to fold and sheets to put back on the beds, but EVERYTHING is clean for the moment.   The rest of the day I am going to get some cleaning done......BBQ prepping, by DH, is still stuck to the kitchen floor.....no need in cleaning until it is all over and done with. Then I a going to have some "play time" in my craft area......might even do a little cleaning in here......er........urmph! Naaa, not today, today is my birthday.........OH NO!!!! 

Inky Hugs


  1. Happy, happy birthday!!! I enjoyed your photos and commentary (and labels - I have a husband who doesn't always close cupboard doors, either - must be a guy thing.)

    Down here in NC barbecue means pork, chopped nicely and mixed with a vinegar sauce. It was fun to see how y'all do it there.

  2. You saved the BEST line till last. So, dear friend, happy, happy birthday.

    Had to laugh at all the photos. They were fun to see and I got such a kick out of the cabinet doors and coffee grinder. I also have a grinder for spices, which is separate from the two I have for coffee grinding. Wish we lived closer. I'd give you one.

    Your new tee shirts are super, and it's good to see all the girls with their own tee's too. That's dedication.

    Thanks for sharing your BBQ weekend with us for T this week. And again, happy, happy birthday.

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  4. What could be better than glorious weather, good food and even better company. It all looks wonderful. Happy T Day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :o))

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a grand day out (and yet still close to home). The pictures of the cabinets cracked me up.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday dear Krisha!
    Such a lively post with fun photos too.
    Thanks for making me smile.
    Happy T Day to ya.

  7. Happy Birthday my friend. It looks like BBQ season is off to a good start for you this year. I like the group photo with everyone in their red tees.


  8. Happy Birthday dear Krisha! Don't know what it is about men and cabinets and drawers...mine closes them to the point where they are almost closed but not latched...really?!

    I'm looking forward to enjoying the bbq competitions with you this year--that team photo looks great!

  9. Happy birthday to you dear Krisha!! Nice to see everyone had such a great time despite not winning top prize. I bet you all made some great BBQ d food! Happy T day and enjoy your day-put down those cleaning supplies and play:)

  10. Happy Birthday! I love your cup. I've never seen anything like it. Fun :)

    We just finished the Memphis in May BBQ contest here, and it always rains during that. People don't seem to mind, because there's BBQ. :)

  11. Happy Birthday!!! The BBQ competition looks like a lot of work but fun! The cupboard doors crack me up. My son is the same way!!! Drives me nuts!

  12. You cracked me up with the labels on the cupboard doors...sounds awfully familiar! I should just be glad my DH can cook...great pics of your fine family! looks like a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Have a wonderful birthday my dear! ♥

  13. BBQ competitions - must find out what that's all about! I think English weather is too unpredictable to have anything like them, although on a fine day there's nothing better than a BBQ with friends!! Love the group photo in your matching T-shirts! Hope your coffee grinder gets replaced soon! Happy Birthday and Happy T day! Chrisx

  14. Happy Birthday! You guys always seem to enjoy these competitions so much. Looks like the weather decided to cooperate, too. Happy T-Day! :)

    Gorgeous weather, gorgeous photos!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy belated T-Day from me as well!

  16. I had to come over and see what you were up to! I make my own rub, but the hubby is not allowed in the kitchen! I have been BBQing and Smoking for years and years and love it! Don't do to much smoking of meats these days as with age it is a major heartburn factor!!! Looks like one amazing time!


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