Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Second Time

Hello my friends, it is once again the second day of a new month, and time to join Elizabeth the Altered Book Lover is sharing something a "Second" time.
I was roaming through all the pictures in Pica's Web, where all my blog pictures get automatically stored, and came across this little wall hanging I made 5 years ago.  Since I am on my lap top these days, I don't have all my blog posts at my fingertips so I can't just re-post the post........LOL
I do know this was made 5 years ago, because this is my birthday month, and this month I'll celebrate 65 years........yes, I really am THAT old.
The scan of this hanging isn't very good, rather grainy looking, but that was as good as I got with the old scanner/printer.  At that time my camera wasn't much better..........LOL!!

It is rather entertaining to go "back" through the past posts, or just the pictures that have been shared, to find something you want to share again.  What a walk through memories!!
Won't you take a walk down memory lane and re-share something with us???
Inky Hugs
This is a scheduled post, and the link for Elizabeth is a general link to her blog, as I have a very important birthday party to attend not mine, that's a couple weeks off ( and really NOT that important to me).  But my GD is having her 5th birthday party and I am going to be busy helping her Mom get the party ready.


  1. A pretty wall-hanging! Love these colors, swirls, and flowers. Your 65th birthday coming up --- great! I turned 70 (BIG NUMBER!) two weeks ago. It just gets better and better. Really.

  2. I'm going to link you because I just happened to see the post on my sidebar.

    This is fascinating, and I was blown away at your age. If I look HALF that good when I'm that age, I'll be a happy camper. A lovely look back and great tribute to your birth month.

    Thanks for sharing this with us for a Second look on the 2nd.

  3. so nice to see your wallhanging, you are right, this challenge is so fun to go back the Memory line. hope your GD has a nice bday and you will have, too!!

  4. Hope you had a super fun birthday celebration for your GD AND that your birthday month is full of lots of fun times too Krisha!
    Really lovely wall hanging.
    I am enjoying taking looks back...time has a way of moving so quickly!
    Happy May

  5. Apologies for getting here so late! I agree - it is good to go back through old posts - and bring back memories! Hope you enjoyed the party!! Chrisx