Friday, August 28, 2015

SSSSH! I have a Secret(s).......Journal

So right now "Do You Want to Know a Secret" by the Beatles is dancing around in my brain, and really creating an echo... "Do you promise not to tell....oh ,oh....closer."...LOL!  Yes, I will be singing it all day long. 
 I had a notification from iHannah's blog that 21 Secrets Art Journal Workshop 2015 is taking early bird sign ups. I started looking into it a little deeper, and I found out it has been going on for some time....who knew?? I had not heard of this workshop before, I sometimes wonder "where have I been??"
The price, for the workshop, is a little steep for my itsy bitsy SS check, so I started to wonder around You Tube and found a great set of videos by Terry Kahrs .  This link will take you to the introduction and there are step by step videos, by her, on making a Secrets Art Journal.  I have, since, found out how many of my followers already knew about her..........JUST WHERE HAVE I BEEN??
Long story.....short.....I decided to make me one, to journal about everyday stuff ( no secret there), and to tuck away my attempt to get back into the exercise routine and try and get some weight off, there in lays my secrets.....*grin* 

I have TONS of stickers, from the scrap booking craze, and rolls, upon rolls of Washi tape ....ALL need to be used one way or another.  These are pages 4 and 5...1 through 3 already have writing on them and are no longer so pretty..... even page 4 has been covered with my scribbling, but I took these photos before......LOL 
Here are the step photos

A little closer look at the pocket with the sunflower journaling insert
Here are days 6 and 7
Acrylic painted backgrounds, with a envy pocket in between the pages

Photo with the pocket flipped the other direction

The envy pocket holds my secrets journaling spot, one side for day side.
There really are NO SECRETS to getting healthy......
Just watching how much you eat ...
There are NO SECRETS to getting into shape.....
Just getting up and get moving!!
So WHY am I making this journal?..........  Just to record daily events and keep myself accountable....
Do you have a daily journal?
Do you journal in your art journals?
Have a great weekend!!
Inky Hugs


  1. I love these pages, and I love the concept! I don't keep a journal as such, but it obviously beats the diaries I kept as a teenager!

  2. SHHHHH! I hate to tell you, my dear, but I knew about 21 Secrets (probably from Terri's blog) several years ago. I think this will be year 3, and I don't even LIKE art journaling. It's too steep a price even if I actually LOVED art journaling, which I don't.

    OK, here's another secret. Julie Balzer has a blog where once a week she shares something new in art journaling. Here is her blog:

    And although she doesn't create many tutorials anymore, because she now sells her art journal info on DVD and in books, Kate used to have some pretty decent art journal pages. IF you like journaling, that is (grin):

    I have NO idea why I know about these journalers and you don't, but another person you might want to check out is Ingrid:

    Granted, now that she's started charging for her knowledge, she doesn't offer as much info as she used to. I have some of her art from swaps and she is very detail oriented. BTW, her web site has books you can drool over:

    I hope this gives you something to read and enjoy when you aren't out walking.

  3. A few more blogs you may want to check out.

    This gal is a bit wordy, and doesn't explain what she does, but I'm sure, if you scroll down far enough, you will appreciate some of her art journal pages:

    This gal has all her art journal examples on a single page. She draws like you do, too:

    This blogger doesn't seem to post anymore, but there's good information about products. Nothing I saw had anything to do with MAKING art in these journals, but art journal tools were well represented. I thought of you, since you like pens so much:

    Although this is supposed to be an art journal blog, it's more about mixed media. You may like it, or not. She does offer some decent tips about art journaling, but you have to scroll down a LONG way to get to it. I wasn't all that inspired:

    This blogs seems to have some well known names who add tutorials. There seems to be some lovely photos, even if you don' bother reading past the first page:

    I'm sure I've only scratched the surface, because those artists have blogs they visit on their sites, too. One thing leads to another to another to --- you get the picture. Of course, if they are like me, they have an eclectic mix of artists, not just people who make the same kind of art I make.