Tuesday, August 11, 2015

T is for DASH to the Finish

Dashing to the finish to get this posted before it is no longer Tuesday, a dash to the finish as it is the LAST day of "Camp Grandma" This is the last week the GDs will be here, as school starts next week for both of them.
Our last hooraaah included a sleep over this week.  Papa Bobby went deep sea fishing with Hannah's Dad, who drops her off in the to make sure we got our last week together, it was arranged for her to spend the night with me.  Since it was just going to be her and I, we invited Rachel for a girls night too.   I know your here to see them and their art sooooo here goes:
Starts of an acrylic painting

Re-binding their SOC journals
Dripping rain onto their paintings

Melting crayons for shooting stars
Rachel works on a God's Eye
Their finished acrylic paintings

Melted crayon shooting stars

God's Eyes
Breakfast at the Red Wagon this morning with our water and their hot coco (I had coffee)
 our drinks so we can link up with Elizabeth and the T-Gang

It is an old wooden rail car that provides the locals some of the best food around these parts.
Rachel's hand drawn, and framed, art a birthday card for her Great Grandma who will be 92 this next week.

Hannah's God's Eye ( not the same as the above photo) and card for the same Great Grandma.
Right now they are here at the kitchen bar working in their journals and waiting for me to get this finished so we can finish their photo bookmarks.........I will try to get them in next weeks post.
Please let me know you came by and I WILL make it back around, after the girls are gone and I take a couple deep breaths.......LOL
Inky Hugs


  1. oh my sure packed a lot of projects into the time you had left of the summer! wowser! great ideas...the girls did a wonderful job on all their projects...I've never seen the God's eyes done in all white and they are really lovely with the beads and feathers. What fun paintings and drippings...would love to see some of their journals too (if they're not too private!) You are an awesome Grandma Krisha! happy T day!

  2. Happy campers for sure!!! I am impressed with all of the girls' artwork, but I especially love their rain paintings. What a blessedly wonderful and wonderfully blessed time y'all had!

  3. So much fun and such great projects. That restaurant looks really cool!!

  4. I bet I'm going to miss them almost as much as you. It was so much fun to see their art (and pick up a few tips, :)

  5. What a week this must have been. I'm sure you will be sad to see it end, but, I also suspect you will breathe a sigh of relief, too. What tales these gals will be able to share with their school chums. Be careful, or most of their grade will want to camp out at your house next summer, especially since art has been either cut or severely limited in most school districts across the nation.

    What a fun diner/rail car. It must have been fun for the girls, too. They sure look happy.

    Thanks for sharing these last few days of fun with the Rachel and Hannah before they have to head back to school. And thanks for sharing your drinks with us for T this Tuesday, too.

  6. Wow you guys were BUSY!!! All of them so beautiful. i can remember making God's eyes when i was little and is that ever a long time I wish i could remember how to do it.... i might make one to go in my new craft room when its ready...

    Krisha i bet these girls carry that crafting gene now for the rest of their lives. Its such a gift you gave them. Happy happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  7. Wow! all these projects look awesome Krisha What a wonderful time you all must have had! Love every single project that they have done.I think it is so special to do art with girls. I have a little neighbor who loves doing art more than my boys-:)
    Hope you have a restful week

  8. can we all sign up for Camp Grandma art fun next year!? The rain is so effective - wonderfully creative group you all are

  9. The girls have created some wonderful art over the summer. I think you all deserve a gold star.


  10. It looks like a great time was had by all! I just love to see art work made by children it's so fresh and unrestricted by rules. But then they did have a good teacher!
    Happy crafting, Angela x