Friday, March 7, 2014

Journal 52: Week 9

JournL 52 For this week the prompt is Color Swatch.  Some took it from paint chips ( the ones you get at the paint store) others use fabric swatches and some just used color inspiration.  I went more with a color inspiration and actually used my purse!  It is white, black, gray and red interlocking chain pattern.  I found this sentiment on Pinterest  and thought how true it really is, or at least to me.

I started with the doodling and letters, then added modeling paste and paint.  Then it just became "playtime"  Dropping watered down acrylic in three colors, stacking them onto of each other, then with an eye dropper I hit them with alcohol.  I really was not happy with it and it laid on my desk all week, even though I kept sorting and cleaning to avoid the problem of what to do with it.
I was going to add circles of the colors and punched them out, but seeing the negatives laying there I started play around with them and like the effect.  I doodled the black one and stamped the red and the white one before gluing them down.

Do I LIKE it? Well it is better than it was.......LOL  I can't just toss it and start over because week 8 is on the other side, so it will just have to be OK.

So week 9 is DONE.  Tomorrow week 10 prompt should be posted, hope it is more inspiring to me than this one was....LOL
Inky Hugs


  1. I like it. I am so impressed with that lettering and the layout.

  2. I loved the colors you've used. This piece has a lot of movement in it so it's nice that it also some open space where your eye can rest. It's a neat saying, eh? hee hee

  3. You know I just love Black, Grey and Red combined! What a stunning artsy journal page! Love the circled "ART." Enjoy the weekend!

  4. OK, I'm confused. That is very easy for me. What is the first word? I don't get the quote at all. But I LOVE the colors, the artwork, and your doodles. And of course, I like the way it seems to move.

    BTW, my week 10 just got posted, and I think you'll probably find it worthy (grin).

  5. Call me slow. I didn't see the H or the T. Thanks for knocking me over the head with the obvious. At least now I can say "I get it!" Thanks

  6. Your doodled letters are great. I like the color combo of this one.