Tuesday, March 25, 2014

T stands for Throwback Tuesday

I'm al little late for the T Party this week, since I just got my intranet back about 30 minutes ago.   And THAT is why I've titled this Throwback Tuesday.  AT&T said they couldn't get here before noon, so I didn't really get ready for T-day.  Then AT&T showed up at 9:30 AM, so being the rather cagy person that I am....(grin) I am using an older picture....BUT it is the same cup in front of the same computer screen, in the same spot RIGHT NOW!  Come on, how many pictures do I need to take of this cup in the same spot????   LOL  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

Now I am waiting for the pressure washer people to come and give the "Playhouse" a bath.  There is a slight chance we may get some perspiration (rain ?) this weekend, so I'll get the trailer washed and it should rain like crazy,  SOCAL can thank me later.  Anyway, AT&T was early, J's Mobile Wash is late, ok, they just got here.  That means this afternoon I'll start loading for this weekend's trip to the San Diego area.

Our Grandson, Taylor, will be a year old tomorrow, and we are going to go to his 1st birthday party on Saturday.  This second generation is growing up WAY too fast.
Here is the card I made for him, some paper piecing on the animals.  I just love these baby animal images, the rest came from the sticker box.

Thanks to Elizabeth (Altered Book Lover) for being the flamboyant hostess, that she is, to set up
 T(ea) stands for Tuesday, so we can hop around and catch up with our blog friends.

Hope to make all the rounds, since I am house bound for awhile.

Inky Hugs


  1. oh what a darling card for your grandson Krisha-I love it! Oh yes the internet and line problems are a real pain. Hope all is settled real soon. Enjoy your trip and happy T day.

  2. It just started raining here in NOCAL a couple of minutes ago. Thanks for getting that trailer washed! LOL!

    Have a great weekend with the birthday boy.


  3. Happy Birthday to your grandson! His card is really cute. And Happy T Day to you. Enjoy your upcoming trip.

  4. Sounds like a crazy morning at your house, good thing you have some tea to relax with. That card is adorable, perfect for a first birthday boy. Enjoy celebrating with him. Happy T Day!

    p.s. internet issues are the worst...especially on T Tuesday's. Glad you could share and that you did a throwback version also.

  5. i'm sorry about your internet hassles, but what a treat att came early! i hope y'all have a happy 1st birthday party :)

  6. What a sweet card. Glad you are back online.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  7. Really cute card...first birthdays are so fun for everyone! hope Taylor gets to play in his cake! and you are right, why not recycle your photos?! happy Spring to you...

  8. A beautiful little card and hope you have a great time at the party.

  9. That is a lovely card for your grandson.Wishing you a wonderful time with him on his Birthday.

  10. Sweet card you created and time certainly does have a way of moving very quickly
    unless you're waiting for repair people to show up that is ;)
    Happy Day after T day

  11. That's a really cute card, I don't paper piece and really need to give it a go! They do grow too fast :) happy t day

  12. Happy (day late) T-Day!
    Oh these people are the worst! And they always give your that 4 hours window. Like they time is precious and ours is not!
    Those baby animals are so adorable. Have fun at the birthday party.

  13. I just got home a short while ago, and saw your messages to me. Thanks for trying at least.

    I was planning to ask everyone to share their favorite T Tuesday post next week, but you and Dawn sort of killed it for me. Such is life.

    Loved the birthday card for Taylor. So cute and adorable. Hope you have a fun trip this weekend, too.

    It was cold here, with gale force winds and cold rain. I got blown all over the place on the way home, so I hope your rain was gentler than mine! Thanks for sharing T and glad your internet is back online.

  14. Sorry I am late,but I am drinking T still! Gorgeous card for your little one.