Tuesday, April 19, 2016

T Stands for Three Weeks

It's been THREE weeks since my last post....YIKES! I'm back just in time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-Gang!  I've refilled my coffee cup( black, of course) so I can make it through this post......Hope yours is filled to the brim too.....if not, I'll wait until you get'er filled up or you can skip to the bottom and just leave me a note to say you came by.
So where have I been and what have I been doing??? Buckle up it's a bumpy ride from here on!
It ALL started when I sat down to make a birthday card......simple  I have numerous (I don't even count anymore) happy birthday stamps, clear cling( in binders), velcro mounted(in CD cases) and of course some wood mounted(in Iris cart).  My simple idea was to get them all together in one spot .  I was quickly in over my head and clearly NOT ready for what I started......but I plowed through it all. 
ALL the photos from here down, have not been edited or water marked as I wasn't even sure I was going to post this morning.....but more about that later.
The day I finished and my cup of coffee on Betsy.
Betsy got a really good cleaning, some re-organization and a new cutting mat........all of which made her happy.......see her smile?? LOL
This is now where 99% of my stamps are stored......all along the top of Betsy.....all sorted and labeled AND within easy reach. ( yes, there is one empty one.....just incase wink, wink.....*grin*)

EVERY stamp, in the binders were stripped down to the rubber, removing all mounting foam from every stamp, including the foam from any of the cling stamps.  Then a THIN coat of Tack-It Over and Over was applied to the back, and let dry, so they would stick to the laminated sheets that slide into the page protectors.  I went with 7"x9" binders because the regular size are just too heavy to handle.  Each page has a stamped sheet on the outside to show what is in the pocket........outside so I can easily add stamps I missed as I went through hundreds of stamps.
It only took 1/2 bottle of Tack-It to do all this....but only the rubber stamps needed it.
I have these original acrylic stamps that there was no way to remove from the block.  I slid a white paper under them so you can see how they have turned yellow from age........yep, they are THAT old.

I still have two drawers of wood mounted stamps that will be left as is.  They are my House Mouse and Disney stamps.......all of which are becoming collectables.
This little drawer holds stamps too small to mess with....but they are now housed where they won't be forgotten.

My Prisma Colored pencils........oh ya, I have over 100 of them.....bought the complete set YEARS ago.  DH gave me this really cool case for crafty stuff , and all the pencils fit in there!!

Shuts, locks and now they are portable.....yippee!
Well it wouldn't be right to just stop half way through an organization I went through EVERYTHING, organizing and condensing and finding ways to make it all fit!

What is behind me.....oh look there's more clean spots!!!  LOL!!
This part took me two days to get it how I wanted it.
My dinning room table.
In between all the organization DH finally decides that we will build a new house this year.  This is a dream that has been on the back burner for years, do to some life changing things that are just not that take my word for it......*grin* 
So this is where I have been using my creative MOJO......drawing up a floor plan.....after walking through more model homes than I can remember. Now there are areas that have been done and re-done until both of us agree on it........DH still drags me to model homes to take measurements of things to see if we are on the right track!

A closer look.
All of this, plus an abscessed tooth that had to be pulled....ouch!
My renter moving out.........
My property manager having brain surgery  .....(this one threw me off balance, it was an emergency surgery)..............
Property Manager quitting because of surgery...............
Getting a cleaning crew to clean the rental..........( the renter left it he does not get his deposit back)
Getting a property appraisal lined up.............
Meeting with a potential buyer...........
So there is a dental check up this morning, and then back into the meet a prospective buyer..............just setting all my options up to see if I want to sell or keep it as a rental.
There it life in a nut shell..............or is it my nutty life in a bomb shell?
If you made it though all this then you should be patting yourself on the back.......and deserve an other cup of your favorite beverage!!
Thanks for dropping by....I do apologize to anyone who has left me a comment and I didn't get back PC was at the bottom of a large pile of stamps.....*grin*
Inky Hugs



  1. i need to organise my stamps too..great idea and the cup is cool

  2. Oh my, I am tired!!! lol!! What a time you have had lately Krisha. I do commend you on the wonderful organization fo your art space-including all the stamps-wow! I should be going thru my tons of stamps and ridding of the wood mounts and the ones I never use....wannna visit PA? And now to be moving-but that is exciting I think. I hope you will be giving yourself a well deserved day - or two- of rest, and even a massage too:) Happy T day!

  3. Yes, it sounds like you have been a trifle busy....Sorry about all the extra catastrophes, but your tidy stamp folders are wonderful, well done! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Hey Krisha, Thanks for your comment. We both seem to be in the real estate business right now, LOL. I'm still settling with ins. for the home we lost in the fire and couldn't wait until we found a home to replace that one. Oh yeah, and we are in escrow on a rental we are selling too. Great minds! What a lot of paperwork. Can't wait to see what you design for your dream home. I know it will be wonderful.

  5. Yep, you're excused from blogging with that excuse. I am super impressed with your stamp organising. I started to lose the will to live when I had a small sort out last month! The new house bit sounds really exciting, I'm assuming it will have a huuuuuge craft room of course! Cara x

  6. That cup is the perfect thing! I'd need a lot of black coffee to make it through a project like yours. Happy T Tuesday!

  7. Wowser! I am so impressed with your re-organising and for coping with the unexpected too! Hugs, Chrisx

  8. Oh my goodness! Krisha what a busy time you are having. I'm also going through my art space cleaning. It is in such a big mess:-( Your stamps have been organized in such a great way.
    Best of luck with all the new plans
    Happy T day

  9. I had planned to be here before my lunchtime, but ate and promptly fell asleep. Rain always does that to me. But I won't fault the rain, since it's so badly needed.

    Yes, you are excused because you have had a TON of stuff on your plate. I am in awe of your organization skills, and it will all come in handy down the road as you prepare to move.

    I was also in awe of your drafting skills. Quite good details, too.

    I am glad you didn't remove your rubber from the wood mounted stamps, because my personal feeling is (since I'm not much of a stamper) that the wood mounted stamps actually stamp the best. I use a similar product called Wacky Tac, but I don't think they make it anymore. My friend Sally gave me a bottle of it, and I use it sparingly for all my red rubber UMs.

    Thanks for sharing all that's happened to you for the past three weeks with us for T this Tuesday, and I'm sorry to read about some of the hoops you are having to walk through as a result of things that have thrown your life off balance. I DO love the look of Betsy now, though.

  10. My goodness you have had a busy time. First glad you've had your dental problem sorted. No doubt you've been in lots of pain.

    You made me feel ashamed when I looked at your sorting out and re-arranging. I've recently been to two craft fairs and have bags of stuff still unsorted taking up valuable floor space. I'm sure I'd get more done if I took a tip from you and had stuff where I could find it.

    Very exciting news about your new home. The floor plan looks great. I look forward to hearing how it all progresses. Good luck with the sale. Barbxx

  11. Holy cow, you have been busy. I am with you on the cleaning. I started cleaning my studio space closet and now the room is one huge giant mess in the midst of being cleaned. Hopefully I will finish it but right now it feels like I never will. Happy T day, and love hearing and seeing about your cleaning.

  12. Wowser! Life sure gets complicated! Hope the dental appointment went OK and you're healing well. A new house sounds wonderful and exciting! We'll be interested in all the progress...your studio looks great too!

  13. Wowser! Life sure gets complicated! Hope the dental appointment went OK and you're healing well. A new house sounds wonderful and exciting! We'll be interested in all the progress...your studio looks great too!

  14. i´m super impressed by your work and would love to have These results here, too - but without the effort LOL. you are so brave!
    good luck in your new surroundings!

  15. Phew! I got tired just reading all that! What a few weeks you have had!
    But it must feel very good to have organised all you craft stuff. How exciting that you are going to build a new house. I do hope you don't have to live in it while it is being built (like me) that is no fun.
    Sorry I'm late commenting. I had a busy day yesterday.
    Thanks for visiting,
    Have a good week,

  16. Stopping by to say hello. I am new to T on Tuesdays and I have enjoyed my visit to you.

  17. Wow! Leah and I plan to attempt to remove all the rubber stamps from the wooden blocks this year and it is a huge project. Congrats on getting everything done and organized and building a new house! :)

  18. Well my crazy life hasn't allowed me to participate in the Tea Party for a few weeks either Krisha... uuughh... But hubby is getting the computer room straightened back up again so maybe i will soon... After reading all this no wonder why i haven't seen a postcard from you in a while. lol Everything looks wonderful Krisha and i bet it feels so good to get all that done. Hugs! deb

  19. Holy have been busy! Love your organization. Esp the stamps. I started doing that many years ago. Never got through them all...then bought hundreds more. :)
    I'm contemplating having to get a tooth pulled as well. I had a root canal years ago on it and now it's acting up again. Not really much more they can do...
    Happy T day...really late!

  20. Well, I made it to the bottom and loved every step, Krisha, because I'm an organizational geek and dig this stuff! I am wildly applauding you! YOU deserve a pat on the back! And NOW, now that you've got it all organized, DH is ready to build the new house?! Oy! Oh, well, it will make it easier to move and reset up in the new place. Good for you for tackling your own home design! Good luck with it all, with the rental property, and with your teeth!! Hugs, Darnell

  21. I love organization! It's almost as fun as making cards. I'm not unmounting all my wood ones though. Nope, not doing it. I sell/trade/give-away stamps frequently and formerly WM stamps that are now cling aren't hot commodities in my circle. Plus like my pals, I still like the old wood ones. What brand of Tack It Over did you use? I tried that Aileene's tack it over glue on some rubber-only stamps I had and it sucks. It flakes and sticks to whatever you have it mounted to long term (sheet protectors in my case). The Club Scrap glue worked great. But like I mentioned I'm not unmounting what I have. I like what you've done to your room though and the extra space you have. Since I just moved into my new room in my new (to us) house I moved things across as is (like in the drawer they resided in) so things that got displaced because they were on shelves in the living room are just willy nilly all over. It's workable but not ideal. It will get there someday.

    Hope your tooth is happy now! I'm ignoring mine until after July 1. I've used up all my dental benefits this fiscal year already.