Tuesday, June 30, 2015

T-day and running late

I really running late for this Tuesday's T stands for Tuesday  ...the girls have been EARLY this week, due to their Dads being the ones that are dropping them off so THEY can get to work.  Not really unusual, except the Dads have EARLY start times this week.  SOOOOOOO....the girls have been at the door from 6a.m. to 6:30a.m............before I get that second cup of coffee.......LOL
Yesterday they did a little crayon melting, then added silk flowers......idea is from Pinterest.
(Hannah's straps, on her top, vanished in this she is NOT strapless)
With the triple digit temperatures, we did take a little time and watch a movie called "Snow Days" made us feel slightly cooler...but I really think it was just the AC.....LOL  The little girl, in the movie, had a snow globe and I told the girls we could make we did.....only we made snow tubes....LOL  Some water, a little glycerin, and a couple colors of glitter ...waaahlaa!!

The girls are now telling me they are hungry.  They eat at 11 a.m. in school, and their stomachs are still on school time..........for 8 year old girls they are about to eat me out of house and home!!!
I will get around to all to as many as possible....but a little later in the week.......right now I have to supervise the girls as THEY make their lunch......*grin*

Inky Hugs


  1. Oh, I love everything they made!! Especially the melted crayon flowers and the paint poured canvases! Those girls are just amazing!! Happy T-Day! :)

  2. Running late.... been there girlfriend! You just take your time... enjoy the girls and come visit when you can! Lovely poured canvases... and melted crayon project.... Sure looks like you all are having fun! Me? I'm pulling sheetrock....uuuughhhh... Hugs! deb

  3. OK, that does it! I bam so coming to camp Krisha next year! Either that or I have to scrutinize Pinterest much closer! Those flower pot melted crayon things are adorable!!!!
    Happy T Day! Looking forward to seeing SOC from the girls this week.

  4. Krisha, you created projects that some adults would be unable to complete (present company included). I am in awe and want to find that paint video (grin). If I didn't already have my SOC entry completed, I might consider copying their crayon technique.

    I'm not sure who is having more fun, learning more, and making great art: you or the girls!!

    Thanks for sharing these awesome projects, and Rachel's cup with us for T this Tuesday.

    BTW, please ask the girls if they would like to make a few ATCs (tee hee).

  5. It certainly looks like you are having a lot of summer fun with the girls :) THey keep us on our toes and keep us young... even if it is a tired young :) Love all of the projects you've done so far !

  6. Oh Krisha, you are having so much fun! I would come and play if I could! Late too - Happy T day! Chrisx

  7. These girls are going to grow up being well prepared and independent thanks to all your time with them Krisha. They are certainly making really fantastic projects(the pouring paint canvases-wow!)!
    You must be a bit tired though. Hope you get some good sleep tonight. Happy T day!

  8. Y'all will run out of space for all the art! You'll have to rotate it or open a shop :) There's definite talent in your family.

  9. Oh boy that was an early bird start to the days fun!
    Your granddaughters seem so eager and tickled to be making such fun things with great results too.
    What a great learning experience.
    You are a great grandma Krisha.
    Hope you have a nice long (restful) weekend.

  10. seems GREAT was the operative word in my comment above ;-)

  11. Not as late as me! Happy belated T-Day, from a hot and humid Salisbury library (with wifi!)! You and the girls seem to have so much fun together!