Tuesday, June 23, 2015

T-Day is Here Again!

From Pinterest
Good morning T-Gang and Bloggie friends!  Welcome back on this much cooler Tuesday!
Before I get into what has been happening around here I wanted to share this darling post card from one of our T-Gang members.  It is from our own Jinxxxygirl......DEB!! With her new address on the back and a quick note.  She doodled the house and colored it with colored pencils and acrylic paint.
So on with the Happenings around here since last we met........yep!  MORE pics of the 8 year olds

Their drink glasses for T-day
The ideas for these came from Pinterest
Here are the signs they made for their Dad, for Father's Day.
They painted the wooden letters for swim, risk and beer then hot glued them on.  The other lettering is over the pencil I did for the letter LO.  They used Chalk paint pens to do this. Of course the idea came from Pinterest..........need I say more?  LOL
We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday, by swimming all day (that's why they have wet hair), and having tacos for dinner.

Of course yesterday was all about Summer Of Color and one last decoration for Independence Day.

This is, once again, a live post, and not a scheduled one.......*grin*.  I had intended on getting it all done last night, but I picked up a book.

The location, used for this story is the San Juan Island, in Washington, and good summer read.  I have been to all the locations mentioned, giving the story an extra bonus for me. I am enjoying the story, and it is fiction, needless to say.....................I didn't put it down and work on this post......LOL!!!  I'll probably finish it tonight!
Well, that's a "wrap" on the happenings around here, I need to get dressed before the girls get here.  I hope you all have a great week and link up with the T-Gang over at Altered Book Lover.  Don't know the way????? follow me, I'm head over there right now to link up and see what's in everybody's cups this week.
Inky Hugs


  1. You and your girls seem to have so much fun! Happy T-Day!

  2. I love your Arabic proverb :) It sounds like your week has been filled with fun!

  3. I am loving every creative project the girls are doing-what great Father's Day cards and gifts! Happy T day and see you all at SOC later this week:)

  4. I love how crafty you get with the girls! I guess I hadn't realized or perhaps remembers that they were not sisters.
    Love the signs...too funny.
    Happy T day!

  5. I enjoyed your update! What special times y'all share! Sending blessings on this wonderful day!

  6. AAaaawww thanks for the shout out Krisha!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Hugs! deb

  7. These gals put me to shame. Seriously! I swear they are far craftier than I'll ever EVER be. You are the best to take them under your crafty wing.

    I simply adore the flags they made. Where did you get all those stirrers? They only allow ONE with each gallon at Home Depot and Sears where I bought all my paint. And those Father's Day cards were adorable.

    The SOC colors are kicking my butt this week. I've started and thrown out three different projects. After all, purple and yellow make MUD!

    Thanks for sharing the girls week and their crafty projects, as well as their drinks for T this Tuesday.

  8. Oh gosh! I just love to see what you and the girls are doing. They have really turned into crafting artists, haven't they! Cute cards and signs. Glad to see they are using those journals, too. Fun!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. Great post card. The girls did a great job with their gifts and the Dad's look mighty pleased. Will have to check out the book. I've been to the San Juan islands too - wonderful place.


  10. What a lot of fun you and your sweet creative girls are having Krisha.
    Hand made gifts are the best (precious father and daughter photos too!)
    Taking a little break of clearing out here to wish you a Happy T Day even if it is Thursday ;-)

  11. What a fabulous postcard! I love that your family crafts together : D.

  12. What a lovely post - the girls certainly did make lovely Fathers day presents! Belated happy T day! Chrisx

  13. I love those Father's Day cards! Looks like you and the girls are continuing to have a lot of fun. :)

  14. What sweet cards the girls made!Gorgeous!Here Fathers'Day in in August.Sorry for the belated T day!