Monday, June 1, 2015

T-day Happenings

Here we go AGAIN meeting up with the Tuesday T-GANG over at E's

I did take some time last week and tried to get caught up on some J52 pages and some 12 pages in 12 months.  I have fallen way behind, but I AM determined to get them caught up.
....(grin).  This is a page from the 12 in 12 journal, the prompt for May was "early Morning, comfort and the bonus challenge was collage.  I painted the background and cup with some inks I made from Easter egg dying kits.....the kind kids use to color eggs with.  I like to sit on the patio in the mornings, have my coffee, enjoy my flowers and watch the sun come up. 
In cleaning up all the journal mess.......and it was a frightful mess.......I started looking for the supplies for when the 8 year olds would arrive.   Wellllllll, that ended up in a HUDGE......MASSIVE cleaning of the craft area.......but I now have my lap top on a lower counter and can keep it set up all the time, without fear of dumping something on it.  It also got e to do some organizing that I have been meaning to do for ages...............but more about all that later.
This week starts the two days a week, of having two 8 year olds girls.
I started them off by watching a couple of videos (thank goodness for You Tube) of a couple of things they had chosen to try.  They wanted to melt crayons.  We found a video of how to glue them across the top of a canvas board, then melt them and have them run down the board.  Then the wanted to see how one lady did a heart basically the same way. Hannah is in the pink and Rachel is in the blue....not that it really matters, but having a name to the face always helps.

They were having such a good time melting the crayons that they melted them right into puddles at the bottom.  We were lucky enough to get most of the puddles off the paper with out breaking then clean off the canvas boards.  They were just supposed to melt the crayons until they started to run, leaving most of the crayon lined up at the top.......LOL  Oh well, the glue left a great design.  How much did they have???????
They did their names on these foam core boards.......holding the embossing guns in spots so long the foam core started to melt.  These are not the last things they did...............there was the crayons that dripped onto the boards at the bottoms that they had to re-melt, mix and have a grand time "making art"  But my favorites are  the crayon melted hearts, you can see Rachel working on hers in the photo up above.  The up loader on Blogger doesn't want to work for me tonight (ugh!!!!!)  And just does NOT want to up load the photos of the hearts, so I will try to remember to add them next week.
I did start them on a mixed media wooden picture frame.  Hannah has been doing this type of things with me, since she was little.  It took a little coaxing to Rachel to "try" things like Modeling paste and stencils.  They both just wanted to layout everything nice a kids do.  I finally got a canvas board and started showing them........then they were reaching for stencils, modeling paste, tape and all kinds of things to glue on.........LOL!!!  Tomorrow they will gesso everything and when it is dry I'll have them start putting the paint on......................should be interesting.  
Art journals will be made tomorrow too, along with decorating some flip flops.......Hannah wants to learn how to make macaroni and cheese for lunch.  They made their own grilled cheese sandwiches this afternoon..............with a great deal of supervision and only a little help from Grandma, to get the sandwiches OUT of the skillet.
I didn't add any photos of the mission this week.  They are all on the other PC and this is already getting pretty it has taken me 2 hours to get just these photos uploaded and I need to be up and ready early tomorrow.  Ken is dropping both girls by and he has to be to work at 7 AM, that means they will be here about 6:30..........6:45 AM.
So dear friends I will try and get around to everybody tomorrow (Tuesday here) while I have the girls busy doing something else.  I will let them read your comments about their art, which is so important.  Their parents support them in sports and school activities, but they forget about the children's passion for art.  I know you are all so very generous with you compliments about my crazy art and will help support these heart thanks you.
Inky Hugs


  1. I know what those melted crayons are supposed to look like, but I like what both girls did far better than anything I have seen in the past. And that heart is gorgeous. I really like it a lot (the red and purple one I can see, at least).

    Your "good morning world" is adorable. I think that's how I would like to wake each morning.

    I wondered what happened with J52, and I look forward to seeing you catch up.

    Thanks for sharing these tidbits with the girls, and of course, their art for T this Tuesday. I look forward to seeing their completed collaged frames, too. You are a wonderful person to show them how to make art. I can tell the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  2. Great way to start your day AND a lovely page in your journal too Krisha.
    Makes me smile to see your sweet girls having so much fun.
    This is going to be a standout summer vacation for them I'm sure!
    Special creative times with you.
    Happy T Day and Happy June.

  3. OMGosh what a great time they must have had melting the crayons. I love the ones with the puddles--they would make great backgrounds. It is something I've always wanted to try so who knows. The mixed media frames are excellent--looking forward to the next step. I have to admit I like things neat and orderly, too, LOL.Maybe I can come to Krisha's camp, too?

  4. What lot of fun they must have had. I can't wait to see their completed hearts. Would you be kind enough to share the link for the how-to do the hearts please? All there art is fabulous and those frames! Wow-Whee, they're going to be fabulous!! Thanks for sharing with us Rachel and Hannah, and thanks to you too Krisha. Happy T Day {{Hugs}} xo

  5. I'm going to have the kids...well at least mini-me try out the crayon melting this summer. The boy doesn't have an artsy bone in his body but the thought of melting stuff might get him to try it anyway. :)
    Happy Tday!

  6. Good morning to you from one part of the world :) I think your map mug would become a favorite with me.

    Sometimes art instructions are best seen as guidelines more than rules ;) and I love how the crayon-melting project turned out.

  7. The crayon art the girls created is delightful. I know this is only the first step in their summer art projects and I will be waiting to see what they make next.

    Way to go girls!


  8. a really lovely journal page-I love to begin my day outside with coffee in hand too:) Those sweet girls are so very lucky to have you to nourish their creative side. The crayon idea looks like so much fun-and both girls' canvases are gorgeous and steeped in rich and vibrant colors! The mixed media projects are looking wonderful too. I think you all are going to have the best summer of projects. Happy T day!

  9. So glad you popped over for T Krisha! Large canvas indeed! I just love how each of your girls' artwork is uniquely their own... Those hearts really are spectacular! I love how they thought of different ways to use the same material. Hannah i love your color choices with the melted crayons ... Rachel i hope that little shelf on the bottom of yours stayed on because that would be really neat...

    Krisha love your journal page... I'm never very good at incorporating magazine cutouts... they always get so wrinkly on me or tear... but yours looks great.. however do you do it?? Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  10. what a joyous time! love all the projects you shared, and I bet the girls will have fond memories of doing this with you...they are going to learn a lot! happy T day ♥

  11. Oh gosh! I bought up crayons for Leah and I to do some melted art wall hangings but we never got around to it with Ian entering the picture. That's another project to be done after I move and get my "studio" in order, I guess. Looks like great fun! I really love both of their pieces and the color combinations they chose both look great. I had no idea they weren't supposed to do them that way.

    I have never done mixed media scrapbooking type art, but have seen some and theirs turned out really nicely! Great embellishments. I think they will love making their own art journals and, what I can see of the hearts, those turned out well, too. Expressing their creative sides is good for the soul. They are lucky to have such fun with Grandma!! Happy T-Day! :)

  12. I thought the melted crayons were fabulous. i hope they don't melt further in the heat. it sounds like they are having as much fun as gramma!.

  13. Hi, Rachel and Hannah. I enjoyed seeing your work on this site today. How wonderful that you're learning mixed media! I didn't begin my artistic adventure until ten years ago. (I suppose I was too busy teaching school; retirement changed everything.)

    I was especially impressed with the colors you chose. You know what? I really loved the melted crayon flow! Sometimes the best discoveries are happy accidents. I liked the little metal bits, too. Very cool stuff. When I am out walking here in the country, I look for little rusty bits and use them in my art. Twigs and sticks make nice additions to some projects, too.

    Keep up the good work. You'll find that mixed media works with just about anything. Enjoy yourselves! This is what makes art so fulfilling.