Tuesday, March 24, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Posting a little later than usual (I usually post Monday night), but still getting together with  the T-gang over at Elizabeth's .  Monday was super busy and by the time I got back home I was worn out.  So it was a little dinner, and a little TV... very little as I couldn't keep my eyes open.......but then it could be the glass of wine relaxed my eye lids....LOL!  Anyway it was an early night for me, which means an early morning and time to greet the T-gang.

 Last week I was working on an idea and made some prototypes to show a friend of mine.  They are gift tags to hang on wine bottles, not really a new concept, but I did I went a step further than just words on a tag.
I had bought a set of stamps with a wine theme.......mostly for the small bottle and the wine glass, but the little boarder stamp came is just as useful.  A little dangle to hold them together and tiny rhinestones for decoration.  The bottom row have two that are a bit different, the "wine a bit" tag was the first one I made and the Happy Birthday one is a card made into a tag. 
My friend, Ronda, went crazy for them (and she doesn't drink any kind of alcohol) and wanted to know where I was, with these two days ago, when she went to a dinner party and took a bottle of wine to the hostess. She ordered 12 gift tags with a Paris type theme.
 Ronda also wants me to make a couple dozen more and take them to a friend, of hers, that has a small, high-end boutique, that carries a lot of wine themed things.  Ronda thinks they will sell at her friend's store.  She got so carried away she already had a list of place for me to take these to, to get orders.....LOL!  I had to slam on the brakes!  I really don't want to get into a special order business, of any kind. ( I will only do special orders for my close friends)  So we discussed this a little further then she also ordered 50 name tags for these Jezebel Jars that she makes and sells. 
 Her parents own a furniture business, here in Shafter and she works for them.  She is a fantastic decorator, and has decorated a LOT of high end homes in this area.  She has tried a few businesses of her own, and has done very well with each of them until her health acts up and that is about the end of it, so she has settled for working for her parents.  I swear this girl can make a business selling mud pies, and THAT is why I always run things by her first.  She may be one of my best friends, but she is honest when I ask her opinion, and even when I don't.....................LOL! Love her to bits!
So what's on my agenda for today?  CLEANING, not my favorite sport, but I have reached
The  weather has been super nice, nice chilly nights and days that take it's time getting into the 80" (F) so the windows have been open 24 hrs a day.  Wonderful, except for the DUST on everything!  Weeellllll, not JUST that, the whole house needs a deep cleaning, but I won't go into what a bad house keeper I have been since the weather turned so nice.
That's about if for this Tuesday.  Hope to get a few more post done this week, along with working on more wine gift tags........might give this a selling a quick try.

Inky Hugs


  1. HAPPY T DAY Krisha1
    FABULOUS wine bottle tags are this....
    Happy cleaning..
    not my fav. sport as!

  2. First let me say I am right there with you on the cleaning thing! The only reason I am doing it is because we are having company for dinner Thursday night. Ronda sounds like the a good businesswoman and it is good that you can run things by her. Not to mention the orders! I know what you will be doing for the foreseeable future! Selling is fun as long as it doesn't become overwhelming. Enjoy!

  3. I am in AWE of those tags. But, I can see why you might not want to sell these on a full time basis. I made a silk flower corsage for a friend one year, and made the mistake of giving it to her at work. Several people wanted me to make one for them, and before I knew it, I had orders for over 300. I was wrapping wires and leaves while speeding down the highway each morning, and putting assemblies together at lunchtime, or wrapping tulle, or adding the essential oil to make them smell real. When I was finished, I stopped making any kind of floral arrangements, and still don't like to make them. So, don't burn out like I did. That was over 20 years ago, so you can see how long it's taken me to get over the burn out phase of flower arranging.

    Like you, I need to clean my house, since I've had my windows open for three days in a row. You could write your name in the dust, I'm sure. At least I know if Squiggles jumps up on the lamp table in the living room to look outside.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful wine tags with us, as well as your fun drink related pieces with us for T this Tuesday. I have to admit, even my cups are dusty, since I only use my mug that has a lid unless I'm drinking something on Tuesday.

  4. The tags area really nice and it would be nice to sell a few - just to have money to spend of more inky stuff of course.


  5. Those tags are really great! Isn't it fun when others get really excited about something you've created?!
    LOVE that tea set at the end. So sassy!
    Happy T day

  6. Aaahhh go for it Krisha! Opportunities like that don't come around all the time. :) Having a friend that will be super honest with you is valuable indeed. Love the tags Krisha. They look very professional! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  7. oh what fun and festive tags Krisha!! Congrats on having some opportunities to get your art out there and make a profit too! Cleaning-yeah-no longer a priority for me like it used to be some years ago when I was a fanatic about it. Now I ignore it as long as I can so I can make art -or be outdoors in nice weather:) Good thing I have a hubby who likes to clean and is more than happy to share the duties! Love your winking mug. Happy T day!

  8. I LOVE that winking cup! The tags are perfect, and I'd bet they would sell well.

  9. what a great cup that the tags too

  10. I especially love the hanging bottle and wine glasses tags!! They are a delight. I do think you could sell them. So you don't have all the pressure of special orders just make them up and bring them in on a commission or outright sale basis to stores or shops. That way you are just selling what you already made--no deadline pressure.
    Hey--a friend who tells you the truth all the time...even when you don't want to hear it...priceless.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  11. Nifty tags. Fun things to sell!

    I'm crazy about that coffee cup with the winking eye!

  12. Your little tags are really adorable. I had to giggle when you talked about your friend...and wondered, "what are Jezebel Jars?" sounds interesting! thanks for sharing...and happy T Day!

  13. Huh! I bet your art supplies aren't dusty either!!!
    Love the tags

  14. Your tags are gorgeous!Thanks four your lovely comment.Happy T Day!

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