Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week 10 of Journal 52

The prompt: Coloring Book Inspiration. "For this week’s prompt, use coloring book pages as inspiration. You can use a page out of a coloring book, print out one from the many free coloring pages online, or you can even try making your own! You can use pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils – whatever medium you are most comfortable with and have on hand!"  There is still time to join the fun over at Journal 52
I know that there are coloring books around here, that belong to the GKs, but I just hate the paper they are printed on........always have, even as a kid!  So I gave it a quick "What shall I do" and took a marker to my journal page.  I always liked coloring the pages with words on you know why I have this addiction with lettering....LOL  Even with this addiction to lettering I kept it quite simple and "child-like".  I ran and got out the GKs' crayons and had a go with coloring the page, forgot how much I do not care for crayons as a medium.......unless I'm melting them....(grin)

Once I got the colors down I wasn't to crazy about that stark white background.......hmmmm.  Crayons are waxed base and would create a resist to water based mediums.

So out came the water based much fun!!
I let them almost dry, then went over the page with a baby wipe, love the warm golden background, but crayon was still shiny and waxy.  My heat gun took care of that problem, the wax just disintegrated and left a really nice finish.

Still looking a little blah I added some flecks of white acrylic paint. The inks created an antiqued quality to the crayon images, where the crayon wasn't as solid.......what an added

Well, there was this left over paint, in the dish, and there was this bottle cap just laying there so I put the two together and added some circles...........DONE!
I guess it just goes to show that there is still that "little kid" still left inside me that will still pick up a crayon and give it an other chance..........................but I still would rather melt it..LOL!!!
When was the last time you picked up a crayon???
Inky Hugs


  1. You made the most out of everything here! I enjoyed your story on how you created this. I loved to color as a kid too, and this looks fun. Nice job free-handing the scene!

  2. Thanks for visiting earlier. Love your page & I was interested to hear how it evolved as you worked on it. Fell completely behind on Journal 52 when I went on holiday but think that you may have inspired me to get back into it again! Love Ali #72

  3. When was the last time I picked up a crayon, you ask? When I met this challenge! I was quite impressed with your art. I thought it was fabulous, and completely agree about the paper they print coloring books on, although I had forgotten until you reminded me. I never thought of using a heat tool on the crayons to take away the shine. The end spread turned out FANTASTIC. It looks NOTHING like it did when you started. I'm SO impressed.

  4. Great page. looks like you had fun making it. Haven't picked up a crayon in ages although I do know there is a small box of them in my stash.


  5. I would never have thought to melt the wax from the crayons off the page. Loved how you used them as a resist first--LOL! Turned out really cute!! :)

  6. Hello Krisha, thank you for visiting and leaving such lovely comments. Looks like you are having such great fun with your mixed media. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de

  7. Other than using as a resist I can't remember when I used crayons in any other way. I really enjoyed seeing how your project grew step by step. The watercolored background is superbly blended.

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