Monday, March 9, 2015

T stands for Creating My Own Space

It has been a busy week since I last met up with the Tuesday T-Gang over at Elizabeth at The Altered Book Lover.  But here it is once again time to share our drinks and weekly shenanigans.  These photos were taken early Monday morning, as the sun was coming up over the neighbors house and fence.
A couple weeks ago we had to have one of the trees, in the back yard, taken out due to termites, and the last standing tree was pruned way back.  It all HAD to be done, but it kinda but a kink in some of the "other" things going on.  Since the trees had gotten so big (and over grown) they provided a lot of shade on the patio, so that is where I had quite a few plants that required only morning to early afternoon sun.  Simple solution.......move all the plants back into the shade of the patio cover........BIG problem........DH has so much junk, besides all the BBQ equipment, on the patio there really was any more room. was also all the patio furniture to deal with too.....still too much of everything....but I digress....  
I still had to figure out what to do with my plants, then I got an idea.......oh ya, the dreaded "idea"!

my cup of coffee on the table for T-day
Along side the house is the boys' sandbox, left for many, many years as just a "place"...... a place where the dog, as a puppy, dug holes, a place where junk.....stuff got set, a place where the sand had gotten mixed with know....JUST A PLACE.  Well, this "place" only gets morning and early afternoon sun....."BINGO"!  But first it had to be clean up and cleaned out, AND leveled back up again.  I was just going to put the plants along there, then decided I would create a little garden spot to sit in when the weather turns HOT.  The white fencing along the back I pull from around the hot tub and it was set into place the "Redneck" way....with wire and steal stakes.  It now hides my potting table and supplies
The two planters on legs I found at Rite Aid drug store for 50% off and put them into place.  I didn't want this are fully walled off, so that it could catch the breeze.  I pulled the swinging bench off the patio, as well as the Adirondack chair my Dad made over 30 years ago, and put them into place.
The lighted arch I bought at Michael's Craft Store on sale, and with a coupon for about $10.00 over 20 years ago.......back when I decorated the front yard at Christmas.  It has been store up in the rafters of the garage since I bought it!!!  The colored stepping stones came from the flower bed out front. 

 There was a LOT of moving and transplanting going on to get all this to come together, and to clean out an other flowerbed I wanted to plant a veggi garden in.  This little ting was rescued from "that" flower bed.  I love a red geranium.
A view from the sidewalk, I guess I should have taken the stickers off the planters  I was going to use them for my herbs, but went with flowers instead.  The pots below are herbs....rosemary, mint and cilantro.  The basil is in a bucket that is behind the chair.

This is the LONG flowerbed that I ripped out and cleaned up.  Why yes, it is a water garden....doesn't everybody plant one??  LOL!  Since it is still early in the season, and our temperatures have been jumping 30' (F) during the day, but the nights are still cool I put little hot houses over each plant until they get well rooted.  I do pull them off during the warm part of the day.  There are 3 bell peppers, three tomato and 3 dill plants all started.  I did leave some space at the far end to plant my cucumbers a little later...still a tad early for them. That is landscapers cloth along the back to keep the dreaded weeds from growing, more will be added along the sidewalk too.
As you can clearly see there is still the "clean-up" to be done, since I tracked mud and wet sand all over the place and also lost some potting soil while transplanting. Then there is the "patio" area that needs attention and the front flower beds that are next to be attended to.  I need to get it all done before the really hot weather gets here, and I think it is going to be early this has been close to 80' all last week it is supposed to break the 80' mark.  I can hear all of you still knee deep in snow!!!  As tired of the snow and freezing temperature as you get is how we feel when the "HOT" weather rolls in here........most of us DO NOT look forward to the days and sometimes weeks on end of over 100' (F) heat.  But we all do what we gotta do......right?
After hours of working in the yard, until my knee, hips, back, and hands said "Enough already".  I would grab my Pitt pens and Inktense pencils, hit the sofa, and started dangling  the GK's names.  One more to go, Hannah, until early July when #5 will join us.
If you made it clear through this L-O-N-G post, pat yourself on the back and except my apologies for being so long winded this week.
By the way we had friends over for a BBQ and the three of us women made use of the garden spot to enjoy our wine. I'm thinking of naming it "My Wine Spot"  What do you think??
Inky hugs


  1. Oh, major putzing around the yard! A favorite activity! (Great minds think alike.) My husband gets a little nervous when I start looking around for projects; I think he can hear the gears in my brain cranking up. Your post really made me smile. I get this! And I like your ideas!

  2. Its a beautiful oasis you have created, love it
    Bridget #2

  3. This is a beautiful new area you have created for yourself. I would gladly drink early morning coffee out there with you. It is so peaceful and gorgeous. You did a fantastic job and I adore that you recycled so many things. Way to go, dear friend. I kept reading that you were working in the garden, but had NO idea it would entail starting such an elaborate project. Thanks for sharing this new haven (or Wine Spot) with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. Krisha! Woman! You have been busy! Like crazy busy!! Everything looks wonderful! I hope you'll show us more photos as evrything matures.. Do you plan on putting mulch over the weedcloth? Because the sun will break down the material and then the weeds will come thru... Rest deserve it.. Take some tea out to your 'special place'... Hugs! deb

  5. Wow! Krishna such a neat garden. Those flower beds are so inspiring for me to start my own. Your writing look gorgeous. Are you doing any class on it? Hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. Looks like a perfectly lovely and inviting wine spot Krisha!
    Hard work but oh so worth it.
    Extra fun that you used alot of what you had on hand already too in new ways.
    I often say we already have what we need.
    You created some fantastic magic with your pens and pencils too = WOWEE Wonderful!
    Happy T Day to ya

  7. First of all I commend you for tackling such a large task but it looks so lovely with the herbs and flowers-I LOVE planting red geraniums too:) Your dangles are fantastic Krisha-amazing pen work and colors! I really like the idea of a wine spot:) Happy T day!

  8. What a beautiful place you create there! Lovely!
    Your dangles are just fab!
    Happy T-Day Krisha!

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  10. Me again. Too many spelling errors the first time. Maybe I had been visiting your Wine Spot, LOL! Goodness you must be tired after all that work. You did a great job of fitting everything in.


  11. I love your new space, and I enjoyed reading about how you accomplished it. Thx for sharing the photos :)

  12. Wow! You really did a lot of work and it looks amazing! I'd join you any day for a glass of wine in that inviting spot!
    Your flowers look pretty and the garden has a good start. Yes, we are still hip deep in snow, but I know it will creep away soon enough. Love the gorgeous art names!

  13. Oh my goodness, your post gives me hope! In Ohio we think we've had a tropical heat wave to get temps into the 40's! Love your little patio spot, as long as it doesn't become the "whine spot" ! lol! wine is much better. (grin) Adorable name posters...will you frame them? love all the plant pics and you are reminding me that I should get busy. love it when you can 'shop' what you already have. :) happy T day!

  14. I love your little "Wine Spot"!!!! It's so me in every way...including all of the bargains :) MY FAVORITE WAY TO SHOP♥ We are still way too cold at night for much actual planting but I am full mode into the garden season here ♥ Love your art this week too :)

  15. what a lovely space to chill out and just be

  16. What a wonderful little space you've created. Hope you get to relax and enjoy it often.

  17. what a sweet space for you and your flowers. When they all start blooming it will be so lovely. I also love your art

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