Tuesday, March 17, 2015

12 Pages in 2015: March

Third page of my 12 Pages in 2015 journal.  For some reason I couldn't tie a song into this page, although "In My Room", by the Beach Boys kept running through my head.  It is colored with crayons and blended with OMS (?) yep, found OMS will also blend crayons as well as colored pencils.  Makes sense, since both are waxed based.

I had this drawn out, and colored, then left it laying on Betsy for more than a week.  Every time I had to move it I would think "I need to finish this", then I'd set it aside.......LOL  I had had a lot of comments about the Princess and the Pea story, which was a possibility, after all the GD's call it the Princess Bed.  It is setting on risers, so I can store luggage under it, thus, it does set rather high.......but not triple mattresses.. ;))

Our ritual has always been bath time, bed time, and book time, such a great way to end the day and they relax and fall asleep quickly........unless I am reading the Gingerbread Man.....we do get a little carried away with that story......LOL.  I will have to find the Princess and the Pea story, I know I have it around here, and read it to them.  Hannah is reading now, so sometimes she take the lead.  I try to encourage her to read by sometimes reading the same book she is, then we can talk about it.

What was the last book you read??

Inky Hugs


  1. What lovely memories you're making with your GD's.

  2. Fabulous page Krisha!
    I read Nick Bantock's - the trickster's hat
    since this is now available in german language.

  3. Love this page! Last book completed - I re-read "The Help."

  4. Wonderful drawing Krisha! I'am reading a Clive Cussler book .. its an adventure book.... some of his books are better than others and this is not one of his better books ... beginning to wonder why i'm wasting my time on it...hmmm ... maybe i need to find a new :) Love seeing your workspace. Hugs!deb

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