Monday, March 2, 2015

A Second on the Second

Merry Monday! The second day of March, and I am once again, joining up with Elizabeth, The Altered Book Lover to give a piece of art a second to speak....grin!
While working at a flooring store, around 2010, the boss insisted we each had a good notebook/ daily reminder, or one of each.  The notebooks were to take with us when having to measure somebody's house for flooring....................Oh yes, I can measure the floor and work up an estimate, except I HATED doing carpet....LOL   I can even design you a custom closet and cabinets.....I digress and am so glad I am retired from ALL the measuring.
This first photo is what the nice leather notebook looked like, I had already started when I remembered to take a quick picture of it 
This is how it looked once I had finished.  I had very lightly sanded the leather, added gesso, bits of paper, ink, paint and stamped images.....even embossing some of them.  There was no way anybody else could use my notebook without me knowing....LOL  I did the back of it too, but failed to take a picture of it.  I may still be around here, stuck in a cupboard somewhere, or I might have given it to one of the GDs to play with.

So that's my second share for the second day of the month.

It would be great if you joined in with us and give something a second chance for some of us that may not have seen it the first time around.   So what's holding you back??

Inky Hugs


  1. this is absolutely terrific!! what a wonderful Notebook map, it is gorgeous!

  2. What a great way to take ownership and show what else you were good at: ART. This is simply stunning.

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with me since this is new to me. I absolutely LOVE this Second on the 2nd entry.

  3. I forgot to mention, you can measure my house anytime you like, although I already measured it before I moved in, since I had to determine what would come with me to Wichita, and what I would have to give away. I even measured cabinets and closets, too!!

  4. WOW great altered notebook you created Krisha
    definitely making it your own ♥
    I reached back to 2010 for my second look too :-)
    Happy March!

  5. That wonderful notebook had to make your job more fun! I bet you received many compliments, too. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a fabulous transformation - bound to make any task easier! Chrisx

  7. I like how you put your special touches on the notebook to make it like no one else's. What a great way to feed your creative soul.

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! I bet you got a lot of comments on it while you were working too!

  9. This is gorgeous. I love the colors you chose. No one else has one like this this --- what fun.