Thursday, November 6, 2014

Catching up on Journal 52

Boy, does time get away from me anymore!  This is my Journal 52 page from week 43, which the prompt was stencils.  It has been ready to post for two weeks!  I've kept moving it out of the way until I finally decided that tonight I would get it posted......since I just finished week 44.....LOL
This is my inspiration for my week 44 page.  It was the skyline of the morning sunrise in Temecula, CA

This is how my page turned out.  It was all done with Gelatos and a shading stub.  The very dark at the bottom was blended with a water brush.  Now to seal it with something, as the Gelatos will smudge, since they are on there pretty thick.  What do you think would work best?

Thanks for stopping by, Please let me know you were here.

Inky Hugs


  1. Wow, your painting of the sky is fab. I don't know about sealers for what you used. I often use regular old cheepo hair spray to seal charcoal sketches tho. Probably not archival and such but it keeps the charcoal from smearing.


  2. Once again you have put me to shame. Your stencil entry is unbelievable. I am super impressed.

    I also simply ADORE your painting of the sky. It looks realistic.

    I'm with Darla. I got some fixative (KRYLON) at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility that is similar to hair spray, but supposed to be acid free. If gelatos are anything like pan pastels, then you will definitely need to use something.

  3. Great stuff Krisha. I forget to publish journal 52 especially the ones I just never get right, like this weeks