Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 Here we go with WOYWW again.  Thanks for stopping by this week.......Me thinks I just did this, oh wait, that was a week ago!  Don't we all feel that way??  Grin

Betsy is showing signs of Christmas makes this week, there is a pile of card bases and a few stamped images on top.  To the rear of this pile is a little black wire basket with a few sparkly C. card makes, then my cork coaster.  Along the back are the usual things, maybe in different spots, as I did a little cleaning and re organizing over the weekend.  In the middle is my new 2015 planner, those curled things are labels for some folders and few odd things.  The large yellow tablet has my GD's story on it, that she wrote while here today, it is all about Fairies.  My other eyes on top of the tablet.  To the right is my paper cutter (back up on Betsy again) with the pile of new stash I shared last week.....still haven't gotten those put away!

After finishing the birthday banners, last week, I had a real mess of paper scraps going on. You can see the finished banners and the scrap pile HERE.  So Sunday I decided to clean, sort and cut them to mat sizes, sorting the 12" long pieces to their own folder. 

So what does it look like now
The left side of Betsy, where the lap top used to sit....too hard to reach it, so it went to the left on a table top.

Panning out is the view of the small table for the LT with a basket of stencils and 12" paper scraps in folders 
My box of card mats, cut to various sizes I tend to use

The "little" box of scraps now, that actually sits on Betsy
So there's my Betsy for this week, a little long in post ( sorry Julia and WOYWW gang). 
Thanks to all that dropped by last week and left such kind comments.  I hope I made it back to visit everybody, if I didn't I'm sorry.  I will truly try to get to everybody that leaves me a comment.
So what's on your work desk this Wednesday??  I am linking up with Julia to gallivant around the world and see what the rest of the gang is up to this week....why not join me??
Inky Hugs


  1. Another who's desk tidying... yikes, better make an effort for next week! Happy WOYWW Helen 3

  2. What a lovely tidy desk! Glad to see you manage to keep supplies under control - my papers are definitely winning here, at the mo! Happy WOYWW, Chris # 7

  3. Hi Krisha, must be tidying week..but it sure does make you feel better, and great that you've sorted more papers (could do with that here), have a great week RobynO#30

  4. Hi Krisha!! Yep, always feels like Weds to me too!! (and I hate that because my working week starts on Thursday - where does Sat - Weds go?). You are so organised with your scraps, I try but they get so many even though I do always try and use a scrap first before using a new sheet - funny how they never seem to be quite the right size!! Perhaps I should start only making 6 x 6 cards....Have a great Weds! Cindy #42 xx

  5. Your desk looks very neat and cheerful, with all the pretty colors. Happy WOYWW and Blessings!

  6. Very well organized workplace! It all looks very neat!
    Gabriele 28

  7. Another desk being sorted. Love those papers and great space. And you are obviously and organised person, ticking your way through your list. Something I could do with doing - having a list would help LOL! TFS

    Karon #54
    Karon's Krafty Korner

  8. I loved your long post and all the photos, you really are very organised. You have a couple of really cute owls on your desk. Tracey @ 20

  9. Hi Krisha, your desk is looking very neat and tidy and at least you are starting on the dreaded C cards!! You are looking very organised with all your papers cut and ready to use. Annette #31

  10. Everyone seems to have the same idea, they have either sorted their desk or are about to must be that time of the year Lol!
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 39

  11. Love the owl pencil pots
    Happy Wednesday

  12. Hi Krisha,

    I probably owe you a comment. I hope Betsy is singing carols - with all that Christmas stuff going on!

    Happy WOYWW.

    Cazzy x #69

  13. It all looks so neat and organized!! I think about cleaning up once in awhile - then I get distracted. . .! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #63

  14. Desk tidying seems to be a need of people on WOYWW. Guilt I think for we who never get truly tidy!
    I am bown away by how organized you are. All those scraps so neatly place together and LABELS!
    you go girl!!!

  15. Astonishingly tidy! Well done. Wish mine were as neat - it's not horrible this week, to be fair, but no where near as neat as you :) Have fun with your cards- plenty of time still.... {wink}

    Happy (late again) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  16. How organised you are!
    I agree that Wednesdays come round so quickly nowadays! Nothing seems to have shifted on my desk....
    Thanks for letting me look over your shoulder,
    Have a good week,
    Sorry I'm late but I take my time going through them all. (I enjoy reading all the blogs and look at the photos)

  17. I didn't get to WOYWW this week, but I thought I would come for a visit. I probably owe you one from the last time I did WOYWW! I think you did an AMAZING job of organizing that huge pile of scraps, Krisha!! It's still a lot of scraps, but now it is controlled! And I think it is super sweet that there is a legal pad there with a story about fairies written by your granddaughter!! Go you!! How fun you are!! Hugs, Darnell

  18. Very tidy and organized this week, Betsy is looking fine! I'm super late woywwing, but I always show up eventually . . .

    #63 this week with
    not much!

  19. Hi Krisha, I am so late this week! Blaming a 10.00 hospital appt on Thursday, meant we had to get a little sleep beforehand, get up, go to hospital, come back and catch up on sleep!Love the desk, is that Stampendous Snowy Postcard I spotted on the right? Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #20