Monday, November 10, 2014

T stands for Veteran's Day

Happy T-day to all of the Tea Gang, and Happy Veteran's Day, and THANK YOU to all that have served our country.
A page from my Today Journal, I think it is page 8, may have went a little overboard with the doodling......grin.

So what have you been up to since last we met for tea? I had G-ma duty Thursday and Friday with a little 4 year old with a tummy bug.  By Friday she was back to happy little self.  Other than that I kept plugging away at getting all the "Frozen" decorations done for the GD that will turn four at the end of this month.

Sorry about the flash is these photos.  Our bedroom wall is the only one big enough, and empty enough to put up 3 rows of banners. Plus I was standing on the bed.  I left long ties so my DIL can put them where she wants them, she can always cut off the extras.

 The top banner was printed off of a web site I found on Pinterest.

Three Olafs to put on the their patio wall.  I just loved this little guy in the movie.  No my kitchen wall isn't dirty, I painted it like this on purpose!

 A couple of 8" snowflakes with pictures of Elsa and Anna in the middle, forgot to rotate this one.
Also made three center pieces.  I found all the plastic snowflakes at the Dollar store, they were a life saver, but I still ended up cutting A LOT of snowflakes with the CriCut.
It was all packaged up and sent by UPS this morning, since I am not sure what time we will arrive in San Diego for the party.  I wanted to make sure they were there before the party and so my DIL can figure out where she is going to put all this stuff, cause it is larger than it looks in the photos......LOL
Here is a picture of my way-out-of-control pile scrap papers that I decided to tackle Sunday morning.  Such an easy task .....I told myself.......It took me ALL day.  Well, now that did including cutting about half of it into  mat sizes and sorting them by size, color groups and the solid from the prints.  Then there was the 12" long scraps that had to be dealt with, lucky was I that there were near as many of those to deal with......grin! What was too small to become a mat I sorted into a much smaller box.  If time permits, this week, I'll show the results on WOYWW, 'cause this also caused a major clean up and a little more rearranging of Betsy.....:O
What's on the menu for this week?  Well I have 2 GDs tomorrow, no school because it is Veterans Day, so it will be crafting and playing with them.  Wednesday I am going to have all the color stripped out of my hair and just let the gray grow out,  I am so tired of having to keep color on my hair.......we'll see how that works......there is a bottle of brown color waiting in the wings if it turns out to be a disaster........:O  Thursday I will have at least the 4 year old again.  Her other Grandma, and an old friend of mine, is having a lump economy.  They just found out she has stage 2 breast that will be a somber day for me, but will have to keep a smile on for Megan's sake.
So that about wraps it  up form here, it's late Monday night and my eyes keep wanting to give up and close so I better get linked up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard. for the weekly tea gathering.
I'll try to get around to as many as possible this week.  I know I missed a few last week, and I do apologize.  I try get back to everybody who stops by, all your visits and comments mean a great deal to me.
Inky Hugs


  1. Wonderful Doodle page and great post Krisha! Happy T-Day!

  2. So I take it you won't be at the party. That looks like a BIG banner to me, regardless. I bet it took forever to make. Of course, you had a die cutter. I can only imagine doing it the old fashioned way like I'd have to (grin).

    Sorry to read about Megan's grandmother. That's scary.

    I've contemplated cleaning my studio and craft room, but right now I'm just trying to stay up with AEDM. I did actually clean a corner of my office closet today. I was looking for a blanket, which I never found. However, I found a replacement cartridge to my fax machine, and the rest of my 7 continents AB. It never hurts to stay ahead of the clutter, does it?

    Thanks for sharing your art, your doodles, your banner, and your desk (Betsy) with us for T this Tuesday. Actually, that doesn't look ANYTHING like Betsy!

  3. Oh you are good - curing grandchildren's ills, decorating parties from marvellous! I'm in awe of the paper sorting and under no illusion about the time it takes..which is just one of my excuses!!

  4. Really love all the Frozen makes....where would we be without Pinterest?
    Annie x

  5. OK Krisha, I need to go lie down after reading all that... you really have it all going on at the moment, don't you? The Frozen banners are coming along beatufiully and once you have sorted your paper stash you want to pop over and give me a hand with mine?

  6. What a magical post. Love your art work. Love doodles!Have a magical day!

  7. Hello and Happy T Day! LOVE LOVE all the Frozen party decorations! I love Frozen so these are all so pretty and fun. She will have a great time with these.
    Sorry to hear about the breast cancer, prayers for the family.
    Enjoy watching the GD. Sorting thru scraps always takes me a long time too but worth it in the end.
    Have a great week and thank you for sharing.

  8. I love your doodle sketch. And all the things for the party. Don't worry about your worktable, it could never be as bad as mine, which never gets tidied, lol

  9. What a great T doodle. I'm amazed at all the decorations you made for the party. I'll bet the folks on the receiving end of the package will be pretty amazed too.

    Sounds like you have a busy week ahead, time with the Grands is always good tho.


  10. Your Frozen party pieces are fabulous Krisha and how special that you handmade them all for your g daughter! She will be so delighted. Good for you to tackle your desk- I know too well how easy it is to accumulate and how LONG it takes to clean up:) Thoughts and prayers to your friend.

  11. Fun party items. I totally understand about trying to tackle the clutter of scraps. My problem is that every time I start to clean up I find something that I want to use...and I have no self-control I sit down and immediately use ti..then forget I was cleaning. HA!
    Happy T Day!

  12. Really fun party decos you made!
    I think you might faint if you saw my paper clutter ;-)
    Sending prayers and all good wishes to you and yours Krisha...
    Enjoy the celebration Krisha!

  13. You can NEVER have too many doodles! love your page, and all the Frozen party decor! my granddaughter is a fan must be the 4 & 5 yr-old girls 'thing' right now...had to grin about your scraps. I so need to organize too. good luck with the hair-will we see a pic of your new do? and hope things work out for other Grandma too...sending healing thoughts to all. happy T day!

  14. I like your doodle :) the yellow and purple... I'd like the real life versions of those in my kitchen

  15. I like the wild kitchen wall! Lots of wonderful things in this post and some sobering ones. Have fun with the grands and I hope the other grandma is going to be okay. Happy T- Day! :)