Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Coffee and Smiles for T-Day

Marker and ink
Hope all of you have brought your "drink of the day" with you, 'cause it is Tea Time over at Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover's Blog.  One day of the week we gather together and share what's in our cups, glasses or bottles.  I am drinking coffee this morning out of a cup that has been photographed so many times it's boring, so I offer up an other page from my Today journal.

This past week has been BUSY around here.  I entertained both GDs on Veterans Day, we  painted, glued, glittered and played outside.  Hannah (who is 8 yrs old) wrote a book about Fairies, which I made a hard cover and bound together.  Megan played dress-up and danced around in her tutu (which is an old net slip square dancers wear). 

Thursday Megan was back to keep me company, as that was the day her "other" Grandma had her lump-ectomy.  All went well and the doctor was really pleased with the surgery and feel like he got it all.  Once the biopsy is back on the lymph glands, they also removed, the doctor will decide how they will progress with the end treatments.  Carol (the "other") is in good spirits, now that the surgery is behind her.  Thank you all for the good wishes and prayers.........they were ALL needed!

What else did I do, besides play with the kids????   Well.........once I rested for a couple hours I came back to the craft room and Betsy and started working on Christmas cards.  I think I spent most of Saturday working on them.  One idea after an other popped into my head to I kept at it until I had quite a pile of cards made.  Here are a few, that don't have much glitter on them.  I find that glitter does not scan well, so the ones that sparkle will have to be photographed.......I'll post those later.

The one on the left I made 10 of, quick and easy.  I love this Santa image and made him a little more vintage.
These 5 all have the sentiments that were bought at the end of last year, on clearance!  The top right came about because of the background paper that somebody sent me years ago.  The bottom two have background paper that really is muted and worn looking (so it's not a bad scan....LOL)  I thought the store bought sentiments were really a great idea.......last year!  I wasn't really crazy about using them on cards, once I got started, but I needed to use them and not "stash" them.  I am very proud of myself for using them and for the fact that I whittled down my stack of Christmas stash to almost nil............grin.  I think I totaled out at about 30 cards!!!!  The 10 of the light pole were started before Saturday and having all those scraps cut-to-size, before I began, really did help cut down on time.......Oh, BAD pun.....LOL
I also did some journaling and doodling, but all that can wait for an other post, as I am rather late for tea this week.  Mr. Sandman had other ideas about me posting before bedtime last night.........grin!
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by for tea or just for pleasure. 
Let me know you came by!
Inky Hugs and glittery kisses (that glitter is still EVERY WHERE)


  1. I can relate to glitter going EVERYWHERE, at least it does when I use it. Even Bleubeard gets glitter transferred to him, even though he's not allowed in the craft room. BTW, glitter and those metallic icicles seem to land everywhere.

    Really enjoyed your coffee page today. Love the watercolor effect you got on your cup. And I can't say enough about those cards. They are divine.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this Tuesday. And of course, I was thrilled to read that Carol is doing well.

  2. That is such a fun and cool journal page-love the lettering! And look at you getting all those cards done-and they all look great! I'm just trying to get my Thanksgiving cards done to mail on time:)Good news about the surgery too-may it continue to go well.

  3. Lovely Christmas cards...and great news about the other Grandma! my favorite part was about the GD though...can't beat tutus and glitter! ♥

  4. Way to go on making all those Christmas cards!!! I haven't made any yet, but between this post and all the snow on the ground, I'm feeling inspired to!

  5. That is a fantastically fun journal page, and I am so impressed with all of your cards! One year I am going to do this...maybe when I stop doing craft fairs because there just never seems to be enough time.

    Thanks for your kind words on the image transfers-glad it's not just me!

  6. Here's hoping good news continues for Carol!
    Fun journal page and you were really cranking out those cards! Smiling at how glitter manages to get EVERYwhere...sounds like lots of fun and memories are to be had with your grands.
    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy

  7. Loved seeing your Christmas Cards Krisha!!! And your Tea Journal page. Hugs! deb

  8. What a busy week you have had. tell Carole she is over the scary part and it just all moves along, based on what they find now.
    Your new hair style and color is quite a lot to take in. You sure look different. I'd have to check myself in every morning to see who I was if I went "au naturel".
    have a great week.

  9. Glitter breeds faster than fruit flies once it gets free! ;) Very nice cards. I love the distressed papers that look old. Nice that you had time with the grands. :) I hope the other grandma heals quickly and is cancer free!! Happy T-Day! :)

  10. An oft-used cup is comforting, even if you found it too boring to show us again. :) All puns are bad puns! lol

  11. So happy for you that you got to spend some quality time with the littlies and wow, you did really good with the C cards and using up stash! Double bonus eh? LOL Love your journal page too. You have been busy!