T stands for Holiday Festivities

Helllooooo my lovely, little blog elffies, hope the holiday cheer has descended upon all of you and all is merry and bright.  Christmas is RIGHT around the corner, whether your ready or not!! I think I have most of it under control...........but then....ya just never know for sure.

For all my T-day followers I'll start with a lovely early dinner with Mr. Santa ( or Papa Bobby as the grandkids say).  We had been out scouting appliances........still planning the house build...... and thought Basque food sounded really good.  I think is was because the temperature dropped and they have the loveliest cabbage soup..................naaaaa, we were hungry....LOL!

You must be hungry, really hungry, to eat Basque food, because there is A LOT that will be served. Mr. Santa had beer and water, I had wine and water as my drink choices. I had already tasted my soup, with beans and salsa added before I remembered to grab my phone and get some photos.

They serve everything "family" style, not just plates of food placed in front of you.

After the soup course is green salad, tomatoes with a creamy Italian dressing  and pickled tongue.................yummmmm! 
This was our second plate of pickled tongue........I did bring about half of it home ;)
The white sauce is really the same creamy dressing as on the tomatoes.

Entree is served with french fries and green beans.  This was mine.......garlic chicken!! 
I ended up bringing most of it home too.......by now I was full of veggies and tongue....LOL!!

The green beans had a salsa over them.......to die for!!!
There are a number of Basque food restaurants in the Bakersfield area, they all vary a little, but not much.  Most don't have a dressing on the tongue.....just regular pickled with vinegar and spices.  The type of vegetables vary, but ALL serve soup, beans, salsa,tongue, french fires and vegetables before the entree.  Entrees vary just slightly from place to place.  It is the BEST food, but there is so much of it I usually shy away...............then BOOM! I gotta have it!

Some Art Time

A church, not far from here, had a "Paint Nite" at their church.  Something a little different from the others I have attended in the past.  This was a much smaller gathering and we painted an 11x14" canvas.  The ladies, from the church, had all kinds of goodies for us to snack on with coffee and tea.  I really enjoyed this group of ladies, they were all so funny, and the instructor actually instructed!! Of course I went off and did my own thang!

My little group.

Last Night
We gathered with family and friends (with us it is almost the same thing) any-o-ways......we went to the Walk Through Bethlehem.  It is an event this church puts on every year.  They have it all set up outside and you get to walk through a simulation of Jerusalem.....you even have to pay taxes to enter  ( well, it was really a large washer they gave us) 

I kept the brochure, I didn't take my glasses so I couldn't read it.....LOL! 

We were first asked to be seated in the sanctuary until our town was called.  Each group of about 20 were given a town name and we had to use it at different points of the tour.
The sanctuary was beautifully decorated and they had a pianist playing Christmas songs. 

I was in love with this wreath!!

I would have loved to sing carols with this organ playing the music.  I bet it sounds amazing in that large of a sanctuary!

Our three younger ones are not shy, when asked if anybody want to stand up front and help sing carols!

The Tour Begins
There are a lot of photos, and I am not going to give a description of each one.

Our young guide also told the story of Jesus Christ's life, but interacted with people in each place we stopped, asking if they had heard any news of a baby being born.  He also explained what each booth  was about and what they did.  It went through the whole life of Christ, the end was Christ risen ( this man was excellent)  Such a great way for the younger children to experience this.

The evening had really gotten cold ( for So  CAL.) we all decided we should get some dinner, so we headed over to La Costa for some Mexican food. Hannah and her dad stayed home, they felt that Hannah should not be in the cold night air.......which I agreed with.  She went back to school today, but still gets worn out easily, but much better than last week. Thank you ALL for all the well wishes for her!!!

Merry Christmas


  1. oh what a beautiful way all around to celebrate this Christmas season! You can have the tongue but I'd go for the rest of the Basque meal:) Love the tree art! That wreath is so pretty. Glad Hannah is on the mend. I live in a town called Bethlehem, so of course one of our churches has a re enactment that goes through town each year:) Happy T day and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. what an awesome post-my husband would have Loved the tongue-the whole meal looks so delicious. I loved all the photos too and the tree art-thanks for sharing with us Merry Christmas and Happy T Day hugs Kathy

  3. You have been having way too much fun Krisha-if there is such a thing as too much fun. The only thing I am not sure about is the tongue because it looks a little too much like a tongue and rather remind me of the that Rolling Stones motto of the tongue hanging out of the mouth. But your paint party looks successful and your piece came out beautiful. It's good to spend the holiday surrounded by love and friends and family too. Hope yours is wonderful. Happy T day-Erika

  4. Where do I begin, here? I loved the painting you created. That WAS a small group after the wine ones you attended before. I like this better.

    Your Basque meal looked great except for the tongue. My grandmother loved tongue. I never cared for it. The rest of the meal looked fabulous, though.

    What a beautiful church and incredible way to share the holiday season with family, too. So glad Hannah is on the mend. Thanks for sharing your wine and beer, your beautiful painting, your fabulous church experience, and the meal afterward with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. Oh my, what an incredible time you must have had, what a fab happening! Love the tree you painted at the group, too. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. What a great exciting time and escapes! Wish, our Churches here in Germany (or the poeple in them) were a little more active -
    I would like this meal.
    Merry Christmas time

  7. Oh Merry Christmas Krisha !! Loved seeing all your lovely pictures and glad to know you are doing well... I'm afraid that tongue would not have been for me...lol But the cabbage soup looks yummy.. Thanks so much for the grand tour.. And Merry Christmas to you if i don't see you again before Christmas!! Happy T day hugs! deb

    Oh! And your painting is divine!!! :)

  8. Oh my, this is an awesome post to read. It must have been a fabulous outing with your family, we have nothing like that happening here in the UK that I have heard about and it looks a lovely meal out after the event. But I would have to pass by that tongue you showed us earlier in the post.
    All the photos were great. it was good to read that Hannah is getting well.
    Oops nearly forgot to say you painting looks fantastic.
    Happy T day and Holiday wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Well, you've been busy having fun haven't you? I enjoyed finding out about all you've been up to. I would really enjoy the Walk Through Bethleham. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  10. I'm so pleased to hear that Hannah is getting better and I'm sending her get well wishes for a speedy recovery! Your post is amazing and it looks like you had so much fun with your friends and family 😁. I love the Christmas tree that you painted and the walk through Bethlehem is amazing and such a great way to learn and enjoy the true meaning of the season - perfect! Happy Holidays and wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  11. OMGosh! What can I say! This looked just fascinating! What a great post. Glad Hannah is finally better and back in school. :)

  12. I followed stories about the Basque Separatists for ages but know nothing about the food of that region. That soup with the beans looks especially tempting :) The Christmas event looks like an inspiring experience. Happy T Tuesday!

  13. The walk through Bethlehem tour was amazing, Krisha. So much work. It really looked wonderful and impact-ful. Thank you for the photos.

    So glad Hannah is doing better and well enough to go back to school.

    You had me really interested in the Basque food new (cuisine term) to me ... until you got to the tongue!

    I guess Hannah's recovery is your biggest Christmas blessing this year, but I wish you many more.

    Happy T-day too! Hugs, Eileen

  14. What a wonderful event at your church! I think I would pass on the tongue - bad memories of cooking it and pressing it! Refused to eat it then and still would…I know …what a wimp!!! Have a wonderful Christmas! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx


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