Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Free paper organizers

That's right FREE!  Yesterday during a scrapping break I was wondering the web looking at all the really COOL scrapbook/crafting rooms ( on you tube) and I came across a couple that featured this idea.  Sorry I can't give credit to the people I watched, I didn't take notes as to whom I was watching, but I did want to pass the idea along for those who have not seen this. 
OKAY! so everybody recognises these mailer boxes that are free at the post office, and that is what is used.  This one will hold 12 x 12 paper.

So I folded it up, and only used the tape on ONE end, then cut it. (tricky thing to do when it is already a box shape LOL) Top is 12" tall, front is 6" tall, and the distance from back to diagonal is 4".  Well, the insides are not acid free so I lined it with the white papers that are in the pockets of the albums I have bought. ( I always take them out to eliminate some of the bulk)
 The outsides I used some of the Patten paper form the large tablets of  I have bought ( you know the ones that Michaels will run on sale) and knew I wasn't going to be using these busy pattens.  It takes 3 sheets of 12 x 12 to cover the outside (what do ya know that is how many of each color and pattern are in each tablet!) This was my FIRST attempt at this with NO instructions.  So I decided to make the measurements slightly smaller, only 11" tall at the back.  So I am sitting there thinking this is pretty neat, but there has to be an other, easier way to cut these.
 This is NOT the way to cut them!  I thought I was soooooo clever  ROTFLOL
 This is what you get, the two sides do not match.  Well *&^&#@ now what?  Our little post office only had two of this size. Humph!
 Then there was the piece of the top that I had cut off, well it looked like this.....tooo big to throw away......right?
I decided to cover them anyway and use the larger one as planned for the 12 x 12s.  The smaller one is going to be used for the scraps, I always ending up with a pile of them here and some over there, so this should help keep a little more organized.
NOTES: I used some Elmer's wet glue that was acid free, but a little on the messy side.
I used an Elmer's tape runner, that I had left over as I don't like them AT ALL. The dry tape idea is good, quick and I figure expensive to do as many as I need.
I also tried a spray adhesive on the small one.  It worked pretty good, my fingers were pretty sticky, but for the outside of the box I feel I can get away with it when I am ready to do more..........and I WILL be doing more of these to get my scrapbook paper store vertically. I guess you can just leave the outside as a mailer, but I like the colors, and the that they are on a box!
The gal at the post office said you can go on line, to their web site and order a full box of these and they will deliver them right to your door.......Hmmmmm.
So that is your FREE paper organiser.  Thanks for coming by,  hvae a great week.


  1. Wow, pretty cool. Thanks for wondering around the internet and sharing this with all of us. Love the little one for scraps.

  2. super cool idea. I like that you actually papered them for a bit of cheeriness.

  3. This is a nice idea HOWEVER - I hope your using "USED" boxes and not new ones! Free priority mail boxes from the post office are free to send mail only! But how perfect and wonderful if you are recycling used boxes. That would make this the ultimate perfect thing!

  4. Yes, used boxes are best, but for trial purposes, and to get the cutting down right I did use new ones for this post. We are on first name bases with our UPS man, since my DH orders through the mail all the time. I've always hated to throw these away, and now I have a GREAT use for them!!!

  5. Very clever and so useful! Love this paper box alteration!

  6. Cool idea formally you US gals! Shame the UK dont believe in mailbox freebies!!

  7. Great idea! I will have to look into this