Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a weekend!!

Sorry about the small print in last weeks blog, not sure what happened, must be the owner/operator clause on my PC.......and with my camera as well.  It is quite evident with this photo.....Quite blurrrrry.  I would have re shot the pic. but I already put them back into the album.
It was really all about the COUNT.  I finished 10 PAGES....WAHOOO.  I am sooo far behind on this granddaughter's album that I have to continue to bust butt and get it caught up.  I haven't done any scrapping since last October when I was off with my foot surgery, which means the two I did have caught up are now a year behind. I did spend some time on the web searching free layouts and found quite a few, so I printed them off and bound them in a quick booklet and have them at the table where I am scrapping.  It really has helped, if not just to jump off some of the ideas.

 So here are some clear shots of my favs from this weekend.  That powdery looking stuff at the bottom of the photo is flash.
 This was Christmas morning 2010 and Dani is just a month old.......told ya all I was behind!!
 I love this 2 page layout.
Fun page, I actually did this for a challenge but I think I have already missed the date.

Thanks for comming by and looking at my babies.  This is the family that will increase by one come next March........gotta get this one caught up.......LOL