Monday, August 18, 2014

T stands for Tuesday

Welcome back for T(ea) and this week I really am drinking tea.  It is Exotic teas from Teavana, brewed slow, then iced down with a touch of sweetener.  A really great way to end a day of shopping with my DIL.  We were on the hunt for decorations for my GD, Hannah's birthday party this coming weekend.  She is turning 8 and wants an "under the sea, shark" birthday party. They are lucky enough to have a pool, so we should be able to pull this off. They had been watching shark week on tv and that's where she got the more princess parties for this girl....LOL.

I needed a beverage container for my warn drink when we got to DILs house, so she kindly loaned me one of her insulated glasses, with a straw.  They are from the Dr. she works for.  She has quite a few in different colors.  I was lucky enough to snag a clear one so you can see how pretty this tea blend is.  I am starting to think I'll just keep this one......grin
Today was the first day of school, here.  Hannah started the third grade today.

Time to link up with Elizabeth to make the rounds for tea or beverage of your choice.  I do make the rounds and leave comments, but have started getting e-mails saying they aren't going through, then I check back and I can see my comments, so I don't know what is going on with the main computer, or if it is yahoo, google, blogger or the boggie man!  Tonight (yep, still Monday here) I am using my lap top and will make comments on it in the morning to see if it makes a difference.

Inky Hugs


  1. Glad your comment got through on your laptop. I'd hate to have to check back on everyone I leave comments to each day. Once is really enough.

    Sally was telling me about Shark Week on a channel she was watching (I forget which one it was). She even "taped" it (or whatever you call it when you use a DVR) any time she had to be gone. What a clever way to get kids involved in something other than a Disney product. And it was good to see that Hannah was smart enough to learn something from all those shows. Good for her. BTW, I just realized Hannah is a palindrome. Hope her party is as clever as she is!

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous tea with us for T this Tuesday. And yes, it's Tuesday in my world.

  2. I need to actually buy something from Teavana instead of just admiring their beautiful products. That tea is so pretty!

  3. Your Teavana tea looks and sounds yummy.
    Now I understand why so many people are talking about summer winding down if the kids are already headed back to school. Here in Virginia they go back after Labor Day.
    A shark party !!! = fun and most unexcited from that sweet girl ;-)
    Happy T Day Krisha

  4. what a gorgeous photo -I love how the glass of tea looks like the vase for the flowers! A shark party sounds like a lot of fun-happy birthday to Hannah. I have been having the same issues at times with my leaving comments but I have stopped checking back because the comments do show up each time after awhile-no idea what the problem is:( Happy T day!

  5. I have gotten the same emails! So odd...and i noticed my comments are posted too so i don't know whats up....Its only happened a couple times so hopefully it will straighten itself out!

    My daughter wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle when she was little! LOL! Love the shark idea! Hugs! deb

  6. A shark party? What an original idea. You will have to show us and the decorations and fun when it happens. Our GD doesn't start school until Sept. 7 so we are trying to squeeze in just a little more summer with her.


  7. What a lovely summery-looking tea. Such a happy first-day-back photo. Wishing the birthday girl a fun shark-infested party full of delights.

  8. Your GD is so beautiful. Advanced Birthday Wishes to her.
    Thank you for your comment on my post Krisha.
    Have a lovely week

  9. That is a very, very pretty tea! I think that cup would come in mighty handy. Maybe she can get another one from her boss so you can keep this one. Happy birthday to Hannah!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  10. Shark Party! Great ! And what a fab drink you offer us !
    Hannah is such a nice girl !
    Happy T-Day

  11. Your drink looks so inviting, may I come over?
    Bridget #1

  12. Your tea certainly looks lovely and I'm sure it taste that way too. Beautiful granddaughter ♥

  13. What a tasty looking beverage. Is that fruit in it? We don't have Teavana in the UK. Well not where I live anyway, but I am kind of out in the wilds ;)
    I hope your pretty GD has a fabulous party :D

  14. Hi Krisha,

    I am visiting from the T for Tuesday. I am new. Love that drink! I don't blame you for using a clear glass. It is some pretty stuff. Good luck to Hannah. I am sitting at my desk right now, in our own Middle School. I am the tech person at our school. I am excited for the kids to come back, but they won't be back for another couple weeks here. It's an exciting time of year. Bye-bye, summer!

  15. That tea looks gorgeous. Save a slurp for me please.
    I can see why you are snaffling the glass!

  16. Hello and Happy T Day a little late! How pretty your drink and the setting with it looks. YAY for a shark party. My daughter had a party when she was 8 and my mom made her a shark our of cardboard for the kids to stick their heads in and look the shark was eating them. Like those props you see at places, it was so cool and they liked it. Forgot all about that till you mentioned it. Can't remember why or how she came up with that at her party, nothing else was that theme.
    Have a great party with her!! Great first day of school picture, we started on Monday too.