Thursday, August 7, 2014

Got Stamps????

Not the inky kind, but the postage type?  I found two containers of stamps that I have had since probably...............................1772!  Kid you not, I've had these rascals for ever, and just recently came across them, as in this week when I moved things around in here.  Moving things and going through the "stash" is sometimes like have an extra Christmas.......LOL

Late, late last night ( I mean I was already on the way to bed)I was thinking about some post cards, and Bingo! The idea hit me to put them on the FRONT of the post cards. So making a quick detour I ended up digging everything out and started to glue this stamps onto PCs.  They are all pretty old and I was afraid the lick'em stuff wasn't any good.  Now filling a post card size space takes quite a few stamps, and I'm having a gay ole time just stick'em down.  Then I get to noticing a lot of these are old US postage stamps that have never be used...........WOOOOOOAH!  Do these things ever expire?  So I set aside the rest of the US postage ones and continued with what was left and adding some that had been canceled.

This morning I ran down to the post office and asked my friend Mandy if they expire and how many can you put on a PC or envy.  Her answer: "Nope they do not expire and you can put as many as you want that equals the postage rate, as long as there is room for the address".  So in the picture are little piles of postage stamps that equal 34 cents (what it takes for a post card.........I'd forgotten they were less expensive to mail)

Now dummy me, I see that there is one post card that already has enough postage GLUED to the FRONT to make the 34 cent postage.  Live and LEARN, at least this lesson only cost me less than a dollar in postage stamps.......BUT look how pretty the cards turned out.....and I even got to use my new die from Die-namics............VERY BIG GRIN!!!

So check out any old stamps you might have to see if they can still be used.  I did do a little intranet searching last night, and there is one 4 cent stamp that might be worth more than face value.  With my luck it is probably only worth 5 cents now...........LOL

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.  Please leave me a message so I can return the favor.

Inky Hugs



  1. And what great postcards they make too. We don't have any stamps but may start ripping some from post as it arrives.

  2. I always check the stamps and make sure they haven't been cancelled. I agree it takes FOREVER to get enough of these to make a single postcard. And just think! You made three. Lucky you. These are CLEVER.

    BTW, I could have told you stamps never expire. You just have to put the proper amount for the current thing you are mailing. I like to use postage stamps for EVERYTHING. I especially like to use "older" postage stamps for my friends overseas, and save the "Forever" ones for people in the US.

  3. Great postcards. DH is a stamp collector so he would have had quite a lot of fun going through your stash. He used to be very avid about collecting but not so much any more.