Thursday, August 14, 2014

Me Want Cookies! Journal 52

The Journal 52 prompt for week 32 is.................. Favorite Foods!  Now I like to EAT, and the list of what I DON'T like is way shorter then what I DO like, so I really had to think about this challenge.  There was steak and lobster to think about, but then pasta stuck his head into the conversation, and then there was a reaction from the hamburger section, and I couldn't leave out potato salad (my recipe of course) and the list just kept getting looonnnngerrrrr!  BUT there is one thing that I WILL NOT leave alone, if they are in the house, and that is COOKIES!  From bite size to dinner plate size I love cookies.  They require no plate or eating utensils, easy to carry, and go with any drink on the market.  I do prefer mine with a hot cup of coffee, and my favorite cookie is a home made oatmeal raisin with lots of nuts.  McDonalds has a really good oatmeal raisin cookie as well as Sequoia Sandwich Shop, but home made is still the king.

So for this strong addiction I decided there was only one character that wood work for this prompt, and that would be Sesame Street's Cookie Monster................right???  I printed out a coloring book page from the intranet and traced him onto the page  ( you didn't really think I DREW him...........seriously???)  I played around with some lettering, drew a cup of coffee, then took a circle stencil and made the background orbs.  For color, I used  the GD's water colors ( since they were all ready moist and ready to go) for the orbs I used Inktense pencils and a moist brush. I wanted it to be bright and cheerful like Sesame Street is.

I remember when Sesame Street first started, waaaayyyyyy back when my boys were little, and we watched A LOT of it.  Of course we didn't have 5000 channels to choose from at the time......LOL and it wasn't all animated.  How times have

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  1. Cookies, Cookie Monster and Sesame Street...... a trip down memory lane! I LOVE cookies too!!! Infact i don't think i've met a cookie i haven't liked..:) I cannot wait for it to cool down some so i can start baking again. :) At least we have backed off the 100 degree temps ...knock on wood... LOVE this journal page Krisha with all the bright colors! I wonder how many people remember the actor Morgan Freeman got his start on Sesame Street and the Electric Company???? Big Hugs! deb

  2. I think I have a stamp similar to that...close. I need to break it out and make some cards for the granddaughters before they get too old for them! Love all the bright colors that go into making kids cards. Thanks for visiting my desk last week. Vickie #75

  3. You funny girl! Great entry for the challenge. I like cookies a lot too. Maybe too much. One here, one there, it all adds up. I don't consider cookies to be dessert, they are an all day snack. Can't pick a favorite although I can tell you that I was thrilled to find "Mother's Peanut Butter Gaucho's" back on the market shelf after years. I even bought some extra to put in the freezer. Wanna guess how long those will last? Home made cookies are best but sometimes I need store bought as a backup.


  4. Really enjoyed your take on favorite foods for this challenge. Aren't you glad you have more than one choice? I agree that cookies go great with coffee and I always enjoy homemade cookies right out of the oven, still warm and gooey. Not fond of store bought cookies, anymore than I'm fond of store bought pie. Of course, I can make cookies a whole lot faster and be finished sooner than if I was making and baking a pie. So I have to give you AND Cookie Monster a big thumbs up from both Bleubeard and me.

    BTW, I have NEVER seen an episode of Sesame Street. No tv allowed in my grandparents house while I was in school, and once I moved out, I didn't have time to watch TV. Only when I moved to Wichita did I start watching TV. It has truly changed my life, hopefully not in a bad way. As an aside, the day I graduated high school and moved to another town, my Grandparents bought their first TV. Go figure.

  5. What an artist you are, Krisha!! This is sensational! I love your ideas and agree with all your thoughts on food in general and cookies, in particular!! And, oh, yes, Sesame Street was the number one show around here. I think it was the ONLY show our little guy was allowed to watch - oops, wait, no, don't forget Mr. Rogers!!

    I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to answer your comment about Hero Arts. You prolly looked it up already. It's over in Richmond, just north of Berkeley.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Darnell