Monday, August 25, 2014

T Day To T-Day

Welcome to T-day to T-Day............say what??? 
I am actually starting this post on Tuesday August 19, yes I know this will be read a week later, that's the To T-Day part....LOL  But WHY? you ask!  Well, THIS morning (the 19th follow along as best as you can here) I woke up to find a dead coffee pot!  Yep! deader than dead!  Yep, there was water in it and coffee grounds where they were supposed to be, the timer was correct, the delay switch had been activated, and it was plugged in..........................................................but NO COFFEE!
The final picture of this coffee maker.......may it rest in peace.  I will keep the pot itself, they make great watering pots for the smaller flower pots, and a good measuring pot for some of the fertilizers.

This poor OLD coffee maker has been around for over 35 years......can you believe that?  It was one of the first "cooking" utensils DH ever bought for just me (he's not a coffee drinker).  It was the FIRST drip style coffee maker I ever owned........well, I still own it....grin  I can't even find filters for this anymore, so I create my own. After years of use here, it then went and lived at our cabin, then back home, when we sold the cabin years later.  It has out lasted  5 or 6 other coffee makers!!

It looks pretty sad, but I was so happy that I've hung onto it this morning, cause it still works like a charm, just doesn't look charming.  I keep it out in the garage cabinet and just barely wiped the dust off of it before getting the coffee going. (oh ya, I HAVE to have starter fluid every morning)  The white specks are from the oven cleaner getting too close when I spray the top of my stove, all the black parts are starting to harden and turn gray, and you have to remove the top part in order to pour the coffee, and you have to remember to turn it OFF.........LOL 
So this afternoon, after a visit to the gym, I will go get an other coffee maker, with a timer, and delay switch.  Yes, I am very spoiled when it comes to having a fresh pot of coffee at my finger tips when I wake up.
As Paul Harvey used to say......................"stay turned for THE REST OF THE STORY"
Well I did go to the gym last Tuesday and I did go by Kohl's and buy me a new coffee maker, aint she pretty??  Makes a full pot, or on the right side you can make one cup or use a K-Cup.  K-Cups are a one serving  flavored coffee that require a Kreurig ( special coffee maker) So it is like having two/three pots all in one.  I did buy a box of K-Cups in four different flavors.  So far I have tried the Kahlua flavor.......pretty good.  I'm not real big on flavored coffee or tea, but every once in a while I enjoy them in the evening. 
 So on to this weeks MUG SHOT!............
Oh yes, a red neck party!!!!  No, this is not my drink.
I drank wine and NOT out of a plastic cup!
                                                          Red solo cup, I fill you up
                                                          Let's have a party, let's have a party
                                                          I love you red solo cup, I lift you up
                                                          Proceed to party, proceed to party
                                                    ( Toby Keith - Red Solo Cup Lyrics | MetroLyrics )

So onto the "Under the Sea Shark" can look away now if your not interested in a party for an 8 year old girl...............or don't believe in weapons of any kind.

My son bought a sheet of 1/4" plywood and cut out little surf boards and spray painted them.  Then each of the guests got to paint a design, or what ever, on them and take them home.  These kids had a ball with the paint, from the 3yr. olds to a few of us adults......GRIN!  Now there are the two men folk that seemed very interested in making friendship bracelets............LOL!!

There were only a few things she really asked for and one was a real cross bow, and her daddy bought her a pink one!  We are true "rednecks"!  NOW, Hannah didn't get the bow, arrows (which are just practice arrows) and a target to ready herself for hunting.  She want to take archery and I am thinking I might just get a bow and join her.  She has already practice until her arm ached, but she has managed to hit a bulls eye already, and that was the next day!

As you can see we also enjoyed the beautiful pool, all the kid-Os swam until they could hardly crawl out of the pool.  It was a great party and she went to bed one happy little girl.

Now to link up with Elizabeth, the head TEA drinker and see what's in everybody else's cup this week.  What's in yours???

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you came by.

Please no negative comments about the cross bow, this is not the place for political comments.  This is who we are and  we do not fault anybody that feels differently, so please be as respectful to us.

Inky Hugs


  1. Well, I'm going to make a positive/negative comment about the cross bow. That is NOT a red neck sport. It is an OLYMPIC sport. And I applaud Hannah for her wanting to learn archery. Good for her. When I was 12, not 8, I was schlepping through fields of dead grass looking for deer with my Grandfather. I don't ever remember catching one, but I had fun spending time with him, since he was the one who taught me how to shoot. And I make no secret that I am a gun owner. It's how I was raised.

    You really pulled the Shark/under the sea party off well. I was impressed with the decorations and the surf boards.

    That old coffee maker looks a bit like one I had for 29 years of constant service (at least twice a day). It was a Black and Decker and had the same coffee holder. I bought a filter thingy that is refillable (sort of meshy plastic). I was sick when the water froze in it last winter, and I had to replace it. I had planned to remove the metal heating plate, but someone stole it off my front porch. Sadly, they didn't know what they were getting. I wanted the metal plate because it is great for pounding spoons and making staples stay wherever you want them on a page. I just hope your new beauty works as well.

    Well, I've written a book, so I'll quit and say thank you so much for joining T this week with a week to week event.

  2. ha! so true that they don't make'em like they used to...but your new one is lovely & quite fancy! had to grin at the photos from the party...those guys are being good sports tryin' to figure out how to make bracelets! :) And the pink archery bow is awesome! ♥

  3. so fab to see all this machinery for coffee freaks-- great and the party was fab like it seems!
    Happy T-DAY!

  4. Wow that is one good coffee pot, wish I could drink coffee though.
    Bridget #3

  5. Congrats on the new coffee maker!!!! May the old one Rest in Peace...:) I don't care for flavored coffee either...I'd rather have regular coffee but flavored creamer.... caramel machiatto YUM! Well looks like your party turned out great.... A little girl after my own heart.. I've wanted to learn a bow and arrow ever since Lord of the Rings if truth be told and i have one just no place to learn to shoot it! I don't care for the cross bow though i want to look more like an elf when i'm shooting mine...stop laughing..... I can be very :) Hugs! deb

  6. Hello and Happy T Day! Love your coffee maker story, they don't make them to last anymore from what I hear. The new one does look nice and pretty, YAY!! ENJOY IT!! Thanks for sharing the birthday pictures, so neat and fun. Have a good week!

  7. Enjoyed the tale of the coffee pot, your new one looks pretty fancy. I still haven't switched to an electric pot, can you believe that? I use a Melleta drip pot or a French press. Great picks of the kids party, looks like everyone had a great time.


  8. Amazing how long things like coffee makers, vacuums, washers and dryers etc. used to last huh? Love your new pot and I'm thinking that when my current one goes I'd like one with a one cup feature on the side too. What a fun party-and the pink cross bow is fab! I actually chose to take archery and fencing in high school and enjoyed every bit of it. I doubt though that they offer those classes any longer-sad. Enjoy the new coffee pot and coffees!

  9. They just don't make em like they used to do they!
    Good thing you had ole faithful to save the day...
    spiffy new machine that probably has quite an instruction manual.
    What a great shark party and fun that they make crossbows in pink too LOL
    Enjoy * Enjoy
    and Happy T Day
    p.s. thanks very much for your really nice comment to my T post today!
    picked those glasses up at a thrift shoppe several years ago and we like the shape and size alot

  10. That looks like a great party. The shark cake and DIY surfboard craft are both such clever, cute, unique ideas. Good luck to your gd on her archery lessons, and good luck with your new coffee maker!

  11. Wow - a coffee pot lasting 35 years! That's pretty amazing for these days. But, the new one is quite impressive too. I love that it can make a whole pot or just a single server cup. Brilliant!

  12. Fun folic through your week and beyond! Enjoy the new and the old!

  13. Ah, the days when appliances were made to last *sigh* but I'm glad you got such a fun replacement.

    One of my sons took archery lessons for a while. It was fun. Daddy got a turkey and a dear with a long bow -he never got into the crossbows. Archery is getting more popular, isn't it? Maybe because of Hunger Games?

  14. Enjoyed reading about your coffee maker story. Old ones do last longer. Nowadays if we buy something I have noticed that they don't last for a long time. Now it is all business and quality has been compromised.
    Loved seeing your GD's birthday party. That sea themed cake looks very pretty.
    The men trying to make bracelets look so adorable, Lol
    Have a great week Krisha

  15. Loved the saga of the reliable extra old coffeepot coming to the rescue and the spangly fancy new pot--whoohoo! That's exciting to a fellow coffee drinker. ;) The shark party was a big hit! People up here go deer hunting and either hunt with rifles or bow hunt. I am a pacifist and a 98% vegetarian, but I say--don't apologize. :):) Happy T-Day! :)

  16. Sounds like the perfect shark arty to me and as the birthday girl went to bed happy, it was obviously a HUGE succes. Congrats!!
    Happy you got your 'starter fluid' (haha) machine and you're good to go for the next umpty-ump years with any luck!
    Thanks for your happy commeny on my blog :D