Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wine a bit.....You'll Feel Better

Friday I am getting together with my friend, Cathy, to go out and have lunch.  We only do this about every two- three months, and it is always a LOOOONG lunch.  She has her own Computer Accounting business, so her world is black and white ( and if her clients are, in other words, she uses the OTHER side of her brain.  What they say about opposites attracting must be about the two of us. So her birthday was at the beginning of the week, and I want to take her to lunch.........I think it is my turn to buy anyway.....LOL
Here is the card I made for her, of course she is a wine drinker!  I just love the AI "girlfriends" stamps.  They just fit me and all my mature friends..........LOL

They say that is a friendship lasts seven years it will last forever.  Well Cathy is just stuck with me cause it's been over 10 years now.

Inky Hugs

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  1. This is not just a cute card, it's also a cute way to remember your friend's birthday. It sounds like the two of you will have lots of fun out and about. I hope you are sober enough to drive home afterward (grin).