Monday, August 4, 2014

T stands for moving BeT-sy

Happy Tuesday Bloggers! Time once again for our customary, once a week marathon around Blogland to have tea, coffee, water or a favorite beverage with our world wide friends.  Of course none of it would be possible without Elizabeth and Bluebeard at the Altered Book Lover who links us all together.

This week I am having coffee AND water in my regular coffee mug and a plain old cheap bottle of water......nothing too exciting as it has been a very long day around here.

Over a month ago I bought a new printer (yep! that long ago) and yesterday (Sunday here) I decided it was time to get it out of the box and start using it.  I had been waiting for the old one to run out of ink.  The feeder on it only worked when it want to, and the fax part of would work the other part of the time.  It had been on it's "last" feeder feet for a long time, but it still printed a very good picture, when the paper would feed through it, and the scanner still worked,  so I have just been limping along babying it.  I did buy a cheap less expensive Brother printer a year ago.  The fax worked great, the printer was S-L-O-W and the picture quality was horrible.  But we just kept switching back and forth, depending on the job requirements.  Then I was in Office Depot and started looking at printers and dreaming of having just ONE printer for all our needs.  Well wouldn't ya know it, there was a brand new shiny (you know how I like shiny) black HP printer with a 11 inch x 17"scanner bed!!!  I thought I had heard the angels singing...........AND it was on SALE!!  Not just a little sale but $100. OFF!!  Thank goodness for cell phones, 'cause I got a hold of the DH and told him all about it and that the sale was going to end that weekend.  SOOOOOOO, long story short I walked out of there with a brand new shiny black HP Printer........grin!

Now this thing is HUGE compared to the other printers, so there was going to have to be some "moving" around of things in here.......................thus the long delay.....LOL   It's just been too hot to tackle such a task................then the weather dropped below 100F..........and that was all it took.....LOL

So here are some before and after pictures of Betsy and Betsy in her new home.  For those who don't know I have been calling my desk Betsy for a long time.

view of the printer set up with the old printers, one on top the other to the right.  The
long desk on the left belongs to DH for our truck business.

Looks so empty now.  Still have books to straighten up on the upper shelf

So now everything has been moved and most of it gone through, and condensed to a smaller amount.  I knew I had a LARGE stash but there was more shit crap junk schtuff that I was NEVER going to use.........just little bits of this and that.  I finally had to make myself  just"let go" of some stuff, or move it to the location it really belongs in.  It took all day Sunday and all day today, and there are still little things that need to be done, or cleaned.  I haven't "lived" in the new space yet, so I am bound to find I put something in the wrong place.  BUT I HAVE MY NEW PRINTER WORKING NOW!!!

Sorry this got so lengthy, if you made it this far let me know you came by.
I'll be around in the morning with my coffee visit as many as possible.

Inky Hugs


  1. WOW, wow, wow! What a transformation. You are going to need a glass of wine now that this job is complete! This was an impressive undertaking, as well as a lovely revamp of the space.

    I want to warn you about your printer, though. My friend Kathy has a similar HP and I inserted my SD card from my camera in her printer/scanner/copier. When I did, it corrupted my SD card. I never did get it straightened out, but Scott did. Annette (Voodoo Vixen) put me onto the reason it was corrupted and how to fix it. There's a file you can download, but of course, I was unable to download it, just like a lot of things my computer won't do. So PLEASE be careful when you use it and don't insert your SD card in it, even though there are several ports that support several cards.

    Thanks for sharing your new Betsy space for T this week.

  2. I am with Bluebeard and Elizabeth wow, wow, wow what a transformation. You have a computer cupboard now and the rest of the room is craft, brilliant job done but such hard work too, now go and have a wine and craft your heart out.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza

  3. You did a fabulous job .. what a fantastic studio!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. What a great spot you have for creating. Betsy must be delighted. Just the thought of moving all that makes me want a nap.


  5. That's amazing! The computer equipment makes more sense in the closet. Love the wall color! Looks like you have a great space to create.

  6. Shiny! New working printer/scanner, "new" workspace. Looks inspiring :)

    I like your cup. That flower puts me in an "art" mood.

  7. How wonderful to see where you create Krisha! I have a Kodak printer and so unhappy with how it prints my artwork..... I'd love to know if you are pleased with your new printer because i may be on the market AND that large scanner bed sounds divine!!! Hugs! deb

  8. What a fab studio space you have
    and I salute you Krisha if you could bring order in just a day!
    I was picking away over the weekend and it feels endless...
    just trying to keep at did great!
    Happy T Day (nice mug!)

  9. wow- so impressed with your reorganization! looks you do consulting?! I'm with you about the 'shiny,' had to grin about that! happy T day!

  10. Hi Krisha, it's so nice for me to be back with the fellow T'ers! I've really missed it! And I love your whle room photos - it's only on WOYWW that I get to see your desktop! Happy crafting!

  11. Wow you have made wonderful use of every space! I can't believe this only took you one day to accomplish! You are the Queen of reorganizing!

  12. Ohh! Krisha I'm jealous of your creative space. I'm dreaming of getting my own space at least by next year.Can you use this printer to get quality art prints? That is another thing in my wish list. To get one printer on which I can print my art.
    Have a lovely week.

  13. Well, Betsy has really come into her own!! Whoohoo! Looks great! Congrats on the new printer.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. Its great when you find a bargain, I get so excited too. You have a lovely cosy looking craft area
    Bridget #1

  15. Had to stop by to see the before and after photos. I always did like Betsy in the closet but I think she'll be happy in her new home by the window. The redesign of the room looks great.

  16. Well I'm sure you enjoyed the coffee and needed rehydrating with your water after all that lot! You have a wonderful space to craft and I think it's lovely that hubs has a desk in the same space. I got a new Canon printer as I was desperate to be able to print on heavy(ish) cardstock, but, shh, guess what? I've hardly used any heavy card (oops) Lol :o)