Tuesday, August 5, 2014

WOYWW 270 I'm Back and Betsy has moved

Holy Mollie! It has been four weeks since I have had the time to join in the weekly Wednesday happening called WOYWW.  July is now a fuzzy blurrrrr and I'm now trying to grasp August before it too slips away. 
Okay your hear to see me deskie, named Betsy (incase you've forgotten I named my desk)  Well here she is, all moved into a new location, but still in the same room........oh look close and you can see the window sill!
It is mainly all the same schtuff, rearranged a bit.  On the left is my Ott shinning on my water bottle, with a round bottom, thus the coffee mug to keep it up right. Little brown owl with writing instruments, Ink pad storage, second Ott and one of my new white owls holding various paint brushes, small glass to hold sharp things, flower pot for my glue bottles, little easel, tool turning thingy and across the middle is a finished Journal 52 page, with Inktense water color pencils on top, stack of some new stashy items (AI stamps and Dies), a book I made about Graffiti, laying on my paper cutter and then the various other odd things all piled on my blotter and craft mat.
So where in this room is Betsy???

Swapped things with the computer table and moved it all over to this corner.  You can read all about the move, with pictures HERE, if your interested.

It feels good to be back in the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday group.  Many thanks to Queen of Deskers------Julia for keeping the show going.

I'll make as many desks tomorrow as possible, as it is late Tuesday night here.

Inky Hugs

Life is too short to act normal (I just bought a stamp that says this too)


  1. Betsy is looking mighty fine, ready for action!

    (Hey, don't fall off your chair or anything, but I actually blog posted . . . and woywwed . . . AND am having a good blog visit!!!! Gee whiz, I really did miss this!)

    A very Happy woyww to you and Betsy, Krisha!
    returning to the WOYWW fold
    #62 this week

  2. I'm loving your pink walls :) So cute!

    Katie (67)

  3. Wow just been looking around, that was a LOT of work. (PS I NEED that stamp LOL) Happy WOYWW, bit behind today, blogger is being very, very slow, .... Cindy #36

  4. Betsy is looking good in her new location. How do you like it? Do you find yourself looking for things where they used to be? I still turn around behind my desk for my stamp drawers and they were moved across the room last November. Judy #70

  5. I am grinning that you have named your desk :) do you get good light on her in the day time? I love the vibrancy of the colors on the journal on the side :) thanks for the earlier visit, ~Stacy #66

  6. How is the new location Krisha? I always find if I move my desk (unnamed) I feel a bit lost for a day or two! Thanks for visiting earlier..blogger has been painful today. Cx #64

  7. I like that stamp you just bought....I can identify with that sentiment :-)
    Betsy is looking good in her new location...sometimes a change is all you need for a bit of mojo rejuvenation!
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  8. Great photos of your desk! The owl full of brushes looks cute!
    Jackie 19

  9. You're speaking my language with your "life is too short," Krisha! I have that stamp, too. And a couple of others about drinking bad coffee and eating dessert first. We still always forget how short it is, though, don't we?

    I went and toured your before and after craft space and, wow, you've made quite a transformation bringing Betsy out of the closet! I think you are going to love the new arrangement!! Thanks for coming by earlier! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!! Thankfully, it is supposed to cool down and be less muggy! Hugs, Darnell #18

  10. Hi Krisha- love how you've done your craft room. I'm another picture taker when we do any moving around/DIY stuff. Love that stamp saying! We could all do with that one, I think. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #17 xxx

  11. What the heck is it about redoing our craft rooms! It seems like every other year I am doing this....been crafting since 2003...and it's that time again. I think its because we keep buying more stuff, more tools and when we do the old space just does not work any more...or is it like rearranging our furniture? What the heck!

    Thank you for the visit Krisha! Love your new room!

    Hugs, Robin (State of Serenity) #74

  12. Good to see you back, and Betsy too, all rearranged! I'd love to do that.. I'd love to find room FOR a desk, lol! Helen 2

  13. I'll bet your glad the move is completed -- it is so discombobulating to have your crafty stuff in limbo! Nice neon and lettering going on, I see. Happy WOYWW from Laura #60