Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Valentine box cards and expanding card

As promised on Tuesdays post here are the box cards and the expanding card.  Cindy at Plant's List is the one that inspired me for the box cards......but I had to go to You Tube to get it explained to me.....LOL!! If your interested, all you have to do in the search box is type in "box cards" and a number of videos will pop up.
The first three are for our GKs in San Diego.....not worried about them seeing this....they have 3 kids 5 and time.....LOL!!
 This first one is for my only Grandson, Taylor.....who is almost 3 years old and is so very, very into trucks and going to work with his Dad.  Our son has a ready mix plant and trucks, and Taylor is in love with ALL of it....*grin* So his box card Valentine has ready mix trucks and dump truck mixed in with hearts. Since his is nearly 3, I kept his BC in primary colors as much as possible.
 The bottom photo shows how the card folds flat and will fit into the envelope.  I also decorated around the outside of the box........just loved this little guy in his hard hat.......that is the same color as Taylor's hard hat.........yes, his Dad makes him wear one at the plant and at the job site.

Next is Taylor's big sister's BC.  Danica is 5 years old and VERY much into the princess scene!
So her BC has crowns, wands, and flowers, along with for a princess!
This BC is actually the first one I made and is smaller than the other two, because I used the measurements I found on You Tube. 
This is for Samantha, our youngest Granddaughter, only 6 months old.
I made the first two with larger paper, starting with a 12" X 12", to get more length, which made a larger box.  I like the larger size better, it is a little easier to cut things for the larger size.
This is the expanding card I made for my DIL's birthday.....which happens to be on Valentine's Day.
Because it does land on VD, I try not to give or get her anything with hearts all over it, or that is all red, white and pink...... for her BD that is!
I also found this on Your Tube, but ended up making it a little larger too......way larger on the back.  I will have to use a 6" X 9" envelope for it, but I'll hand deliver the card and gift to .......most likely at her work........I like to spoil her at her work.....LOL!! The little purse, right there on front, will hold some cash for her birthday trip my son has planned for her.
EVERYTHING was cut with the Cricut and only the bases were cut and folded by hand.
So there they are, as promised.  I still have 4 more to make, for the girls that live here.  I'm not sure if they will get a box card or an expanding one.  The two younger ones are 5 & 6 and the Hannah and Rachel are 9......  I'm leaning toward BC for the little ones and expanding for the older ones.
What do you think??
Inky Hugs


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous Krisha. I'm sure. They all look so different although you've used the same design. I'm sure they'll all absolutely love them when they arrive. Barbxx

  2. You certainly put that die cutter to exceptional use. I'm really impressed with the cards and think anything you get those girls will be welcomed with ohhhs and ahhhs. The two older ones may even want to have you show them how they are made. My friend Kathy has made these before, but hers were exploding, where there were three layers of boxes, each decorated and each decreasing in size. She has a Big Shot, so had to cut hers by hand, though.

    So, how many followers did you lose yesterday? I knew it was coming, but I was shocked that I lost over 20 followers.

  3. Have never seen these type of cards. They are both striking. I think your plan is a good one. Boxes for the littler and expanding for the bigger ones. These look like a lot of work...but worth it! :)

  4. Wow.. these are all absolutely gorgeous Krisha! Amazing !