Tuesday, January 19, 2016

T Stands for coffee, wine and paint

Good Tuesday morning! Time to link up with E and the T-gang.  I was MIA last week.......just didn't have anything to say write about.  Ever have times like that?? But I'm back with my favorite coffee picture, since I am having my coffee out of the same boring cup you've all seen over, and over.
We've been having relatively nice weather for the past couple of weeks, then the rain started again yesterday........go figure.....I had planned a picnic at the playground for the GDs, who were here due to a school holiday!  We ended up messing about the house watched a movie, played cards and taught them a new board game.  They also took a turn at painting.....sorry no photos.....just didn't think about it....LOL! Next time I'll have a plan B!!!
Last night was my second paint night, with Brush and Blush this time.  I really liked their venue....not so many people.  It was at a wine and beer store called Imbibe. 
So this is what we rendition of what we were painting.......
I could tell you...or point out, all the things I see wrong with it.......*grin* But I'm sure you will notice them by yourself.  DH said it was much better than the palm trees......LOL! I did change the flowers from what they had, can't say I did much better, but I like the IDEA of mine better.
There would have been photos of the evening, but I got to talking to one painter who grew up in Shafter, as we had a glass of wine and some delicious flat bread.....mine was three cheese and was very good!!  She is a bit older than my oldest son, but her brother and our son were in band together and graduated high school the same year.  Well, from there it was do you remember so and so??  We didn't sit together, but I did sit next to some really fun was fun time.
I have also signed up for an other paint night with a friend on the 26th of this month........this will most likely be a story to tell.  We usually have a lot of laughs together, we are neighbors, and we have also worked together.  Once I was the boss and one she was the boss.............and we are STILL friends! 
There is much ado about the adult coloring books around here.  I've been tempted, but the pages are not suitable for anything more than colored pencil, although I did watch a video on them.....the one that is heavy weight is also expensive.  So I was bumming on Pinterest and found a lot of free coloring pages, so I down loaded a few of them. 
This one was printed on card stock, still rather light weight.
I didn't want to JUST color it...............
So I made a copy and started to doodle it.....

Then I copied it again and added and Inktense wash pencil, which I used a damp water brush to blend it..................
An other copy, so the card stock would be all warped from the damp brush, and blues and greens were added and blended.........................

The last copy is where I started adding more colors..........and this is where I stopped.  I found I rather liked the stark white. I really liked making the copies, for each step, since my printer ink is permanent once it's dry......and the water color pencils don't bleed either.
About a month ago Deb, our Jinxxy Girl had posted this darling owl, she drew, and let anybody, interested, download........then she gave us the final colored picture on the post linked above.
I fell in love with what she had done and suggested she make cards and such with it.  She took my suggestion and has made quite a few things with it......

Last week I get this gorgeous post card from Deb

Thank you Deb.............I think it is phenomenal, I just love it!! 
Well, for not having anything to say last week........ to an over kill this week.....LOL!
I'm starting to run late for the T-party, so why not join me over at Altered Book Lover we can dash around the world with a single cup of coffee....or tea.....or what ever you have in your cup!!
Inky Hugs


  1. Looks like you had a busy week, with all that painting and colouring. I wouldn't be able to paint at all if I were to drink wine, coffee suits me better - whatever mug ou drink it out of, it always tastes good. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love your painting! Only you know what the original looked like, but we don't. And we don't care. LOL! Like yours!
    I think that was a great idea to make copies as you went along. I like your adding the doodles much better than just coloring it. Fabulous!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  3. You have had a great time painting and drinking wine. (I think I could only paint with a glass of wine).
    Yes, I have a coloring book for adults. I do like what you have done with the flowers, the tangling. Great! Thanks for sharing the 'phases'.
    The owl is beautiful, I agree.
    Sorry for the late comment, I've been out all day.
    Happy T-day,

  4. you are always so busy, busy, busy Krisha! Fabulous painting and how nice to have met up with some kindred spirits too. LOVE your doodled and then colored rendition of the coloring page-just super! Lovely owl art from Deb-it does make for a cool card. Happy T day!

  5. So glad the second venue was better than the first, and I liked the end result better, too. Sometimes having too many participants can be a hindrance. I look forward to your next paint and sip event.

    Wow, you went all out on this doodle image, didn't you? Sort of like potato chips, one is never enough! Love it.

    I would have been by sooner, but am packing for a trip and didn't realize how late it was. Thanks for sharing these wonderful doodle pages, your wine art, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. This was a fun, fun, post!

  6. Loving your coffee cup. Hubby happened to see it on my screen and I had to explain that it was T Day. I got what can only be described as "a look"! Men just don't understand do they!!
    I like your painting, but your colouring is wonderful. I bought a fabulous book on the weekend, that I have been thinking about buying and it is supposed to do felt pen, but I want to do watercolour pencil and so far it has been great.
    Happy T Day

  7. What fun you've been having out and about. I love your beautiful painting and the colouring is gorgeous. They must have taken lots of time. Lovely work (play). Barbxx

  8. Love your painting !Those classes are very popular here but I've never gone .Love what you've done with the coloring page they are fun and I've done several of them.Have a great week!!!

  9. Oh My Goodness Krisha!! I'm so glad you received and like your owl PostCard! It was your idea after all. :) Your doodling is amazing!! Not only doodling but the coloring also. Wow! I think i like it best when you had the blue in the center....gorgeous!! I did not have enough time to make a Tpost this week. Somehow the week got away from me... I hope to join in next week though... Hugs! deb

  10. Wow! I love your painting - sounds like you had fun too! The colouring looks great -I have some colouring books -they have been selling at cut prices in some supermarkets! I love the owl card! Sorry to get here so late -lots going on around here! Hugs, Chrisx

  11. That was a really clever way to approach the coloring page! I do like your painting with the wine (?) sloshing out of the glass! Happy belated T Day!

  12. That cup is great! And I love your doodled pictures.