Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Clare's Photo challenge #5

The photo challenge, by Planet Clare, is "In Your Bag" 
 This is a fabric bag I use for shopping, and as I was starting to empty it, I grabbed my camera and waaalaaa! This fabric bag is perfect to haul bottles of flavored water I use to mix with my protein drink..........I also just like to drink it!!  The flavor is Mandarin Orange.
Do you plastic, paper or fabric bags?
Inky Hugs


  1. That bag worked out perfectly for the challenge.
    The HH drinks a lot of flavored water. I like to put a little bit of fruit in my water for flavoring.
    Thanks for asking about the anthology. Queen of Diamonds is included in A Matter of Taste,a romance anthology that includes a recipe from each author.
    Have a great one:)

  2. Sounds delicious and refreshing. I do fabric and paper bags and try to stay away from plastic, but it's not always easy. We keep fabric grocery totes in the car but almost always forget to bring them into the store!

  3. Great photo for this day's challenge. I have some plastic-y mesh bags and some cloth bags I take to the grocery store, but get plastic when I go to places like JoAnn's or Home Depot.

  4. I always seem to forget my fabric bags . . . but try to go with paper. This may just get me motivated to start using them. Putting them in the car is a great idea.