Monday, January 4, 2016

Photo challenge #4 "NEW"

Todays word, for Clare's photo challenge is NEW.  Everybody should be able to concur this since we just had Christmas........but these were not Christmas gifts...*grin*
The large multi colored binder and dry erase pens are for something I'm making for GD Hannah upon her request before Christmas.  The smaller black one is a new one for storage of my stamps......notice the new stamps in the upper left corner......oh ya it will house those stamps.

Hannah had asked me to make her a cursive practice binder.  These are the sheets that are now in the binder. I printed them off an educational web site and then put them in plastic page protectors, then sealed them with DH's soldering tool.  Now she can use the dry erase pens to practice and then wipe them clean. 
 I had made one for her little sister, Megan ( who is in kindergarten), to practice her letters and numbers when I was picking them up from school earlier this fall.  Megan wanted to do "homework" like her 4th grade sister......hope that lasts...LOL!!!
Do you have a photo of something new?  Maybe a gift?  Why not join the challenge?
Meet a NEW follower:
Sandra Cox and her blog is Sandra's Blog
She is a novelist, and has a good sense of humor, that shows in her blog.  There is quite a list of HER books listed on her sidebar........and a couple I am definitely going to look for, of course they are on Amazon and also available to down load on Kindle too.
So I hope you will take a moment and go visit Sandra.
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  1. Fun stuff! I love those cursive pages. I work at an elementary school and some of our kids can't read cursive . . . we have a few teachers starting to teach it again. I can't imagine not teaching it. I am sure you will put sll this new stuff to good use.