Friday, August 5, 2016

The Big 4-0 and Happy Summer Mail

My oldest son turned 40 yesterday and his card has been sitting here for nearly a week waiting for a sentiment to be added to the inside.  I had both his girls here for two days making gifts and cards for him.  We even made a "fruit" cake with candles. ( their fruit cake was a jello fruit salad in a mold.. they are all on a clean eating diet, so it was all fresh fruit and homemade jello....LOL)  We were so busy I didn't get a chance for photos of them.  We were all ready when he came to pick them up, after work........all but Mom.  I had completely forgotten about his card....BAD MOM!!! LOL!
Everything was cut with the Cricut, and a little white gel pen stitching.  Luckily I had set it aside ( so girls could make their cards) as I came in to put things away and finish the card this morning and knocked over a FULL cup of coffee all over my desk....ugh!  So Betsy got a good cleaning....unplanned, but desperately needed cleaning! The card is still sitting here waiting for that sentiment....haha!
Most know that DEB and I have been exchanging post cards for quite awhile now.  She blessed me with these three this summer.

As you can see, she is quite a versatile artist.
Well, I need to finish THAT card for my son.......then, since I have a start.....the rest of this area needs put away and cleaned.  I won't have the GDs till next Thursday......a little scheduling problem.  Since Dad drops them off on the way to work, and he will be out of town Monday through Wednesday and there isn't enough time for Mom to bring them clear out here, and it would be two trips to Bakersfield for me........the GDs "other" Papa will be in charge.  I'll pick them up Tuesday, for a painting class I signed them up for at the beginning of the summer................I'll share photos later ;)
Hope your weekend is full of creativity!
Inky Hugs


  1. Have a lovely weekend. The cards from Deb are really good, love them. Glad your son had a good birthday, kids get old so quickly, huh?! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Thank goodness the card was safe! It looks lovely. You've had some beautiful mail over the summer. Cara x

  3. So lucky your card was safe from the coffee tsunami--LOL! I always love to hear and see what you and the GDs have been creating. :)
    I got a cat postcard from Deb, too! Yes, she is very talented. I've never made postcards, just cards. Letter writer--hard to stuff a letter into a postcard--LOL! So pretty, though. I am probably not confident enough with the art.
    Anyways, I know you'll miss the girls and they'll miss you, but Thursday will arrive quickly. :) :)

  4. Lovely cards. It strikes me, though, that we are much too young to have children turning 40! Our son will be 44 next month. Yikes! Have a blessed day there!

  5. Had to laugh that you forgot the card, but glad it didn't get coffee soaked. It's a real beauty.

    Sounds like it will still be a busy week, even without the girls under tow until Thursday. Loved the postcards Deb sent you. They are truly wonderful.

  6. I got a kick out of the card you made and really enjoyed seeing the postcards from Deb. Fun mail!

    Hope the girls enjoy their painting class. Hard to believe summer is nearly over for the kiddos and school starts pretty soon.

  7. A super Birthday card for your son. The cake sounds delicious and I'm sure it was extra special as his girls made it for him. Barbxx