Tuesday, August 2, 2016

T stands for Back From The Beach

Back from the beach......out of the cool.......and into the heat!!! LOL!  It was a fantastic 5 days at the beach, but now it is time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang. 
My drink photo has three drinks containers this week......why?? The JIB cup was my coffee this morning after having to fast for two different tests.  One was an artery scan.......absolutely no caffeine for 12 hours and the second was a lab panel.........fasting for 12 hours.  Thank goodness the scan was  at 7:40 a.m. and the lab is a I did them back to back.  I don't normally eat fast food, but my first choice is Jack in the Box when I do.  It is about the only place I can handle for a breakfast sandwich on grilled sour dough bread.........and then I have to be at the starving point for that! Now I am home and drinking my first bottle of water......I just keep refilling this bottle, it holds 33.8 FL.OZ. or 1L, and I try to get at least three down each day.
The other paper cup is holding these........shells and sand dollars that were picked up on a morning walk along the water at low tide.  I have tons of whole sand dollars so I have gotten picky about which ones I pick up now.  I had to have the one with the black tar on it, cause I think it looks like a turtle. I am thinking of painting the black spot to look even more like a turtle. The scallop shells are not as I had to have them too.
The weather was gorgeous, this was the first day we woke to clear sunny skies, we were camped way up in the sand dunes.  You can barely see the fence between us and the water......that is a bird sanctuary and nobody is allowed in there.  To get down to the water we had to walk to the right and then down.   Great exercise for the legs in all that soft sand.

The evenings were just as gorgeous, now you can see the fence better.

The days usually started like this, over cast and cool, but it burned off fast.  This is looking out from my trailer door.

Papa and I did take the two oldest into town to goof off and to have lunch.  The two little ones went the day before with their mothers.  I had Hannah and Rachel stop by this hanging basket of flowers.

They spotted Elvis and wanted a picture with him.
Megan on their quad, getting ready to take off.   Be still my heart, she is only 6 and can ride the heck out of that thing.  She and Maddy, who is 7 both learned to ride this trip.  They were NOT allowed into the sand dunes, but got to circle the camp.

Megan is helping Maddy get started.  That is my son's sand buggy to the right.  This photo is looking out into the sand dunes.  The only way we could tell these two apart, when riding quads is Maddy has a red sweatshirt jacket and Megan is in pink.  They have a little trouble pulling in the clutch handle to start them, but after that they are off!!!  They have a thumb ignition and they will ride until their little thumbs get to tired to push the button.
So that's a wrap for this past week, now I'm off to see what the rest of the T-gang has been up to and what they are drinking this week.  Hope you can join us.
Elizabeth also is the hostess for a Second Look on the Second, a chance to show something again that others may have missed the first time you posted it.  Great fun and ANYBODY can join in.
Inky Hugs


  1. What lovely photos! Those girlies look so happy(and grown up!) The beach holiday looks good! Sand buggies sound so noisy but I bet they are fun to ride! Hope your results are OK when they come back! Hugs, Chrisx

  2. oh what a grand time had by all!! Oh yes, that coffee thing-when you're fasting and can't have that cup til later-it just kills! I'll be collecting shells as you know by the weekend and cannot wait! The scallop shells are plentiful on the Delaware coast but sand dollars are much harder to find so when I found one last year I was thrilled to bits! And you're right about the tar mark-it does look like a turtle. Welcome back and happy T day!

  3. Looks like you had a great time at the beach, it looks gorgeous. Hope all your tests went well, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Wonderful photos, it looks like you all had a super holiday. The view from where you were situated looks fantastic. The shells all looked lovely, I hadn't seen a dollar shell before today in your post.
    Hope your tests went well.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne x

  5. Wow, looks like you had a fab time at the beach! Those sand dollars and shells are wonderful keepsakes. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  6. Wow! Looks like you had a super holiday! Right by the water! Fab!
    Great to see the kids on their quads. So young, and already able to drive a quad.
    The photo with the girls by the hanging basket is beautiful. And Elvis put a smile on my face.
    Happy Tuesday,

  7. Welcome back from the beach.
    Sure looks like a great time was had by all.
    Seashells are one of my greatest weaknesses.
    Those sand dollars are beauties too.
    Hope you get good test results Krisha.
    Happy T Day and Happy August oxo

  8. The beach looks fabulous-I bet it was great to be there- and I hope all your tests come back with good results. Happy T day Krisha.

  9. Fun at the beach! GREAT! Nice to see your granddaughters again! They are grown up so much!

  10. your post makes me longing for the beach (oh, if the next one wasn´t 1000 km away... sigh). joyful photos and i just love These sanddollars.
    take care and have a happy week! xox

  11. What gorgeous photos Krisha! But oh my that is not what my beach visits are 4 wheelers on a beach ...really? The noise and all those people so close would drive me up a wall. lol I like the beach in the Fall when everybody goes home.... But it sounds like you had a wonderful time and i'm so very glad about that my dear! !Question is ... did you ride a 4 wheeler?? :) Happy T day!! Hugs!deb

  12. Wow! that looks like a lot of fun!
    Happy T day!!

  13. I sincerely apologize for not visiting sooner. My internet/phone problem took the wrong time to go offline again. Even the serviceman is confused. Before he could leave, thinking all was well, it went out again. Right now I'm at Sally's and I'm trying to work quickly.

    I really enjoyed seeing all the campers lined up. It looked like a fun family vacation, and a great time that all of you must have had.
    The girls looked happy and it looked like they were having a great time, too. I can only imagine the fun you must have had.

    Thanks for sharing your three cups with us for T this week. The one with the shells and sand dollars caught my eye. Wish my cup could produce those! and again, sorry I'm so late visiting.

  14. Looks like you had a fab time. Cara x

  15. What lovely photos of the girls. They certainly looked as if they were having fun and knew what they were doing with the dune buggy. A really fun photo of them with Elvis. Barbxx