Monday, August 29, 2016

Layered Stamp Solution....

....or why I was so slow in doing this!
At the beginning of summer I ordered a bundle of stamp and die sets, this is just one of them.These are from Scrapbooking Made Simple and Stacy has a video every Saturday on You Tube.   They are mostly flowers, stems and leaves.  I originally bought them to use together....stamp and die.  But I was wanting to try these stamps DTP.
Now, layered stamps have always been a nemesis of mine, you have to get them lined up "just right" or they don't turn out well.  I had heard of a MISTI stamp positioner, but they are a little too pricy for me........just one of those priority things...LOL!  I did see that there is a video on how to make your own.
I had bought the items quite sometime ago, but never could get it figured out how to make it work right, using DTP stamping. (It all almost hit the trash can) Well, after watching a video See it HERE, I figured out that I needed TWO layers of fun foam!!  So I pulled out all the supplies and made me a MISTI substitute....and waaah laaa!  I can't believe how long it take me to see the light!

Here is my first card using my home made MISTI.  I love the fact that there are no black outlines.
Since these are polymer stamps, and the ink is a water base, they tend to stamp kind of splotchy.  Since the HMM holds those stamps in position, you can re-ink and re-stamp in exactly the same spot. Like magic the splotchies go away!  Since I do have the dies they were fantastic for die cutting some clear packing to make masks to use for multi prints of the same flower and leaves. Yes, I do need a little more practice, but not too bad for my first go at it.
A other great plus is if the stamp doesn't print dark enough, or there is a place where the ink isn't even.......just re-ink it and re-stamp it.  The sentiment on the above cards was stamped twice, and exactly in the exact same place. 
This was a BIG achievement for me, I had been trying to finish up some cards with sentiments, and many of them hit the trash can for being crooked, on the stamp wasn't inked well.  Then I made my about doing things backwards......LOL!!! I could have had those cards done in half the time and I wouldn't have blotches of hair missing. ;))
I hope somebody gets so use out of the trials of my weekend......if your into layering stamps you really do need to have a MISTI or do like I did and make you one.
Inky Hugs

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  1. Leah and I mass produce the Christmas and Birthday cards so the MISTI was on my radar for a long time. Now that I bit the bullet and got one last year--we have three years of each made up already. And I have never bought the layered stamps sets because of how hard it is to line them up but now will have to try a set one day. You are so smart to have made your own version of the MISTI!! They've gone up a bit in price since I got mine, too--but it's a tool that is just fantastic to have in your arsenal, that's for sure. :)