Tuesday, August 6, 2013

T stand for Tuesday, but I’m talking BBQ!

That’s right, BBQ!! We had  three day treck to Vista, California this weekend,  pretty little town about 15 miles off the coast.  My DH and both sons decided they wanted to try a Smoke’n  BBQ competition, Kansas City style.  It was set up like a street fair and there were about 45 BBQ contestants and lots of street venders selling stuff.  The venue was chicken (thighs only) pork ribs, pork butt (or pulled pork) and beef brisket.
What a whirl wind these competitions are, pulling in, setting up (trailer, smokers, tables, cleaning stations, prep stations and cooking utensils)   We couldn’t pull in until 1:30 PM on Friday and had to be cleaned up and off the street by 9PM Saturday night! There was a meeting of all the contestants to go over the rules (mostly of the city of Vista) at 7PM. Then it was back to the cook site, get smokers ready, start prepping the meat ( doing some trimming and getting the rubs on) , getting the fires started and going over the cook time table.  You have to put the meat on according to how long they each take, and have them ready to turn in for judging at designated times, and only a 10 minute window for each category.
So enough chatter here are a few of the 181 photos that were taken.
BBQ contest 002
Youngest son Tony, also our Pit Master.  The apron has our team name on it.
BBQ contest 013
Tony and one of his friends and his son

BBQ contest 007
Prepping the brisket
BBQ contest 028
9 PM Friday night lighting the fires

BBQ contest 035
5 AM Saturday, Brian our oldest son, starting to prep the ribs
This would be the coffee mug for this week...LOL
BBQ contest 083
Chicken ready to turn in....mmmm this was so good!

BBQ contest 060
Ribs getting one last wash of glaze, back on the fire for a few minutes.
So how did we do?  Well we didn't place in the top 10, but were weren't in last either LOL!  We fell in the lower half, but we felt THAT wasn't bad since none of us have never done this before, and we beat out some that have been doing this for awhile!  Now all the talk is about what we will do differently "next time"  Oh ya, there will be a next time!
So Thank you to Elizabeth and Bluebeard for allowing me to brag on this lovely T stands for Tuesday.  I have my cuppa in hand and I am ready to see what everybody else is doing.....
BBQ contest 135
Line of people waiting for some of our samples.  GD, Hannah taking tickets


  1. Good for you!! Lessons learned the first time are always invaluable, too. I know this must have been a really rigorous event, and it looks like the entire family got in on the project. Even a neighbor or two was apparently needed. So I can see how much fun, and of course, hard work went into it.

    Thanks so much for joining in for T today. Love the "obligatory" mug, too (grin).

  2. memphis girl here, so that bbq attracted me right off. we have a contest here that's fun if you decide to travel this way. yours do look gooood! :)

  3. How fun and brave of your family to do. My neighbor has one of those big green eggs and makes some pretty yum stuff. I love walking up to him to ask "what ya smokin'?" LOL
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. OK... you have made me seriously hungry! How wonderful that your whole family went and did something together and enjoyed it!

  5. Who cares where you place, that BBQ looks amazing and I am sure it wad out of this world! What a fun time and thank you for sharing!

  6. WooHoo! bbq~ being that I live in Tennessee and both parents were born and breed in North Carolina, I know about some bbq. I say congratulations for entering and having such fun AND for planning your strategy for next year! Jack Daniels Distillery holds an annual bbq competition in Lynchburg and we try to go each year. That is some good eats you are a part of girl!
    Happy T day to you

  7. ok ....BBQ it is. I never turn down BBQ.
    Looks like a winner to me and has me making plans to have some BBQ tonight ....for dinner.
    Marianne #20

  8. awesome showing for a first time barbequer! Some folks around here have been doing it a long time and still don't have it down! Glad to hear you are going back next will place higher in the standings cause of all you learned this time! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures! Vickie

  9. How fun to do this with your family, love reading about it and seeing the pictures. Seeing those ribs is making me hungry. Good job on your first time doing this and good luck to you next time.

  10. BBQ looks yummy and it seems to have been a great day. Now on wards to Food Network

  11. Oh yum! Need taste-o-blog! Congrats on not being in the bottom. Middle is always a good place to start. Looks like a lot of work. See you for WOYWW! Hugs

  12. What a great family activity! the food looks maybe you can work this so the guys will cook for you more often?!

  13. Just a flying visit for T for Tuesday - late but happy to see everyone this week... Cheers Mxx #23

  14. That must have been so much fun as well as a huge amount of work! I love BBQ and those ribs look amazing! Happy T Tesday

  15. I bet that was a lot of work, but it seems ya'll enjoyed it, which is the most important thing! Congrats for not coming in last place, HA~! I love bar-b-que!! waving hi from the rainy ( again!! ) hills of North Carolina ♥

  16. I absolutely love this! There are so many delicious and healthy ingredients here. Yum!