Tuesday, August 27, 2013

T stands for Tuesday

Still early here in SOCAL (southern California, USA) and here is my cup  for this Tuesday.  Dyna (my dog) and I usually have coffee on the patio where it is nice and cool in the mornings.  Days are getting shorter now this was taken at 6:30 A.M. , with a flash and I still had to adjust the brightness. 
She is a Vizsla, full name is Dynablu.
"Originally from Hungary, the Vizsla is a medium-sized, short-coated hunting dog that is essentially Pointer in type, although he combines characteristics of both pointer and retriever. An attractive golden rust in color, this "dual" dog is popular in both the field and the show ring due to his power and drive while hunting and his trainability in the home."  AKC
They are so recognizable, when you know the breed.  They are always the same red color, with amber eyes (they look brown with the camera flash) and their toe nails are not black but brown and so are their noses.  They are THE cutest puppies in the world!!
Dyna's face is turning white now, she is 8 years old and my baby for sure! No, I don't hunt with her she is just a pet, but she does point birds in the yard and the neighbors cat through the knot hole in the fence! LOL

Just finishing the pictured cup of coffee and now it is time to link up with Elizabeth over at the
Altered Book Lover Blog to see what the rest of the world is drinking this morning/afternoon/evening.
Inky Hugs


  1. what a beautiful baby you have! looks like the perfect company for a morning cuppa. and i like that cup, too :)

  2. She is really sweet. I had a friend in HS that always wanted that breed when he was on his own. Don't know if it ever happened for him.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I have to confess, I've never heard of a Vizsla before, but I sure like Dyna's face. She must be a wonderful companion to you, too.

    Thanks for getting up so early this morning to take pictures to share with T today. Bleubeard and I both appreciate that you included Dyna, too.

  4. Love the mug. And you know I love dogs. There is a Vizsla that regularly jumps our fences to come visit with my dogs. Her name is Russia. Cool name for a dog.

  5. Oh how cute, love the coloring and the sweet nose. Your picture is pretty to me, as is the cup.
    Hope you enjoy your long day, thanks for the early link up.

  6. Your tea cup is very pretty in your first photo, and your dog looks adorable in the second. Happy T day!

  7. Love the butterfly mug but it stands no chance against the loving face of your dog who is going a bit grey, look at those eyes!

  8. Hi Krisha - Dyna looks adorable - and love your mug this week - thanks for stopping by - Happy T for Tuesday...Mxx

  9. Hi Krisha,
    I am attempting to go round all the commenters that I haven't caught up with for two weeks now.
    Yes I iron, but my hubby wears most things un-ironed, for work anyway!
    I love your dog's eyes, they are so big! That is a beautiful cup too.

    Cazzy x