Saturday, August 24, 2013

Envelope Art Journal

Front cover of journal using evny flap for a closure.
I joined the Paper Traders Yahoo Group some time ago and just now joining one of their swaps.  The swap is going to  be a hand made art journal using a large 9 x 12 manila envelope for a cover.  I thought this was very interesting as I have been wanting a smaller art journal, but didn't want to spend more $$ when I have three large ones waiting in the wings. 
After reading how to make it HERE I figured I should give it a try-out first and work out any problems I might have to work on.  Believe me, I do have a few to work on, but I know what to look for now LOL! So here is the front of the journal, I still want to add the words "of art", or something along that line under the word journal. I did use some Velcro along the flap to keep it closed, because I did add something that the instructions did not, and I did it for my own use.  You will see it in the last photo.

Back cover
This journal is decorated the way I want, just paint, inks, stamps and stencils. I like the faux fabric look that was created by pressing the paper towel into the paint.
 The swap will be according to what the other person likes.
Here is the journal opened.  I did make an extra pocket, so that both covers are pockets.  I had decided to decorate the first and last pages, as suggested in the directions.  I added one more folded page to compensate for the decorated pages (maybe not a good idea made things too thick)  I also chose to cut a heavy cardboard to slip into the pocket for stability, many times I start a page while sitting on the sofa and need the extra stiffness.  I did not sew it together as it should have been, truth is I was just too lazy to watch the video again.  The edges of the pages are not even either, that is something I really need to work on along with getting the pages TIGHTLY sewn.
So here it is my first hand made book/journal, a little rough but I like it and can't wait to start playing with it, but I am determined to finish the last couple pages of the large art journal before opening a new one. 
After the swap I am thinking I'll make me an other one with more signatures to it...... we'll see how it goes.
Inky Hugs


  1. This is fab,looks like you had fun making it x

  2. I cannot figure out how it is made as in you initial paragraph i had an in my head image. So I am watching. when parts do not meet I think embellishing can help. After all I believe embellishment started when back in history a laundress scorched the queens clothes and covered it with... embellishments...feathers shells... what ever. I know you will fix it.

  3. This is the first I have ever seen and what a fabulous piece of mail art! Love the colors and the faux leather look! Happy Weekend!