Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tag Tuesday- Swinging 60's

AAH yes, the 60's.  What a decade that was, and how it changed many things.  I feel like a survived just having lived through it.  LOL  Tag Tuesday has "The Swinging 60's" theme starting this week, and I decided to play along, even though I am not one of their "players".  The tag was fun to make and brought back A LOT of memories.  I have always like the "hippie" art work that came from that decade, all the bright colors and simple designs were right up my alley....(do they still say that?) 
I also did some surfing on the 'net and came across some things that I had forgotten about.
Sixties Television
TV networks actually signed off at a certain time of night, like right after The Johnny Carson Show
Johnny who????

Television in the 60s was unique compared to what it is today.  We only had 3 channels ABC, CBS, and NBC.  We received our TV reception either through a pair of rabbit ears antenna located on top of the TV or an aerial antenna attached to our homes or on the roof.
One potato, two potato, three potato, four"
Jinx, you owe me a coke."
"I need a 15 cents for the pop machine."
Mimeograpgh paper sure smells good."
Come in when the street lights come on
"You wash and I'll dry and put away."
Leave a note for the milkman
Look it up in the dictionary
 Don't sit too close to the TV it is hard on your eyes
 Don't you ever forget when talking to adult it is "Yes Ma'am", "No Ma'am" and "Yes Sir" , "No Sir
 Step on a crack, break your mother’s back
The S&H greenstamps catalog is here.
 I’ve run out of film for my camera”

The 60's Official Site  a really fun site to visit

So much for walking down memory lane, I've got laundry to finish!!!
Inky Hugs


  1. I remember it like yesterday
    see ya later alligator.

  2. Such a great "Retro" vibe! Love this 60's tag and the neon colors!

  3. Hi Krisha, super tag ... you've captured the 60s perfectly. And I remember that decade so well. I was a teenager then and, in my very biased opinion, there was no better time to be young ... great clothes (minis), fab music, soul music (Ben E King & Wilson Picket, etc) and pop art. Now I know how my grandmother must have felt looking back to her youth ... we all have our own good old days :) Thanks for visiting earlier. The door hanger count is up to 5 now ... all I need is find some time to decorate them :) Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth xx

  4. Great tag and yes I remember the 60's. I like the art from that era too and a lot of the music as well.