Monday, August 19, 2013

T stands for TUESDAY

 Monday night here, but what the heck it's Tuesday somewhere! Besides Elizabeth of the Altered Booklover BlogSpot has this weeks post up and ready to go......see it on the PC screen??
I have been cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms, and stripping the sheets off the beds to get them in the washer, this evening whilst the DH is working late, and I thought I'd take a little break and have a snack.
So here is my cup of sweet flavored coffee ( my version of Starbucks) and some left over beef tri-tip from last nights dinner.( Tri-tip is a cut of meat that is infamous here in CA.)  MMMM it is so good, been grilled with a great rub for seasoning.  Yes, I do drink coffee in the evenings, usually a sweet flavored coffee, and no it doesn't keep me awake all night.  I am one of those few people that can fall asleep before the cup is empty!! LOL
 The paper work to the right are some print outs of Dutch oven cooking, and some recipes.  My DIL asked me if I wanted to do the dessert competition and the next BBQ competition and I said "SURE".  Well what ever we make has to made on what they call an open flame, or natural heat, so baking in the oven of the playhouse is out!.  Figured I better start looking into a few ideas and get some recipes lined out to try.  We are talking about the next competition that will be in Lancaster, CA on October 20 (that will be our 40th anniversary too) So we need to practice a few ideas.  Now I can't find my cast iron Dutch oven we used years ago when we tent camped, but DH says we will buy a new one.  Was checking them out on line this morning and could not believe how expensive they have gotten!!! OUCH!

What is this funny post about and why would anybody care about my coffee habits??  Well you need to hop over to Elizabeth's blog and check it out.

So I'm off to change loads in the washer and the dryer, then I think I'll put the front of the house on hold till tomorrow morning.  A shower is really starting to sound good, then maybe I'll get nosy and see what everybody else is up to, and what's in their cup.
Inky Hugs


  1. Mmm tri tip sounds good! Love beef would be nice to be in your area to try your BBQ! Thanks for stopping by. Happy T. Hugs Nan

  2. I'm intrigued by your dessert dilemma. I know when cowboys were on the trail, they must have gotten some kind of dessert during the time they were gone. I hope you find something in an old cookbook, or on the internet that will fill the bill.

    Since I'm a vegetarian, I've never heard of tri-tips. But I'm sure they are fantastic.

    Like you, I can drink coffee and go to sleep before I finish the cup. It shows how addicted we are to the caffeine.

    Glad you linked up early. It makes it easier for those of us who join Julia tomorrow evening.

  3. Hi Krisha, it's definitely Tuesday here in Oz... in fact, it is mid afternoon already! LOL
    The beef sounds good... in fact, all your BBQ sounds wonderful! Is a Dutch oven like the poike pot the South Africans cook on? Black cast iron with three little legs and a lid and a handle?

  4. You people are makin' me hungry.
    Happy Tuesday Krisha !

  5. I love the picture, seeing the T time post on your screen made me smile. I too linked up last night too, love when we don't have to wait to share some Tuesday fun.

    Your snack sounds yummy and way to go on all that laundry. How fun this competition sounds, love the idea of family doing it. Hope you can find your pan instead of buying one. I bet whatever you make will taste YUMMY! Enjoy your day.

  6. Yum, the tri tips look delicious! If I drink caffeine at night, I have no trouble falling asleep but a few hours later I am wide awake! Love the plaid napkin. I'm sure you will find an awesome recipe for the dessert competition.

  7. Our most delicious lamb mango dish was done in a dutch oven when we went camping love it just dig a hole add the ashes embers cover it up and come back in a couple of hours LOL - fabulous - Happy T 4 Tuesday... Mxx

  8. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished which your husband was working late.
    I am a cheap date when it comes to caffeine and can't go near it after early afternoon.
    Fun taking a photo of your computer screen.
    Happy T day

  9. coffee never kept me awake either, but then not much does lol

    i hope you find a recipe you can adapt to win for you. good luck on the competition!

  10. Fitting laundry in with some really interesting activity takes a really creative spirit. You got it!

  11. I'm a vegetarian, but I remember good tender meat--lol!

    I also am a coffee drinker who can drink it right up till I am falling asleep in my chair at bedtime. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Happy T-day! :):)

  12. I love BBQ. The tidbits of meat look super yummy!
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. I've only got to sit down and do nothing for two seconds and I'm asleep! So I bizzzz about, to keep going I think! The coffee looks lovely, I loved my first Starbucks but then had one here at home and it was nothing like the one in Seattle. Happy T day...a bit late!!


  14. oh, dutch oven cooking over a camp fire brings back memories of when my son was a boy scout...wonderful apple or peach cobblers! I am sure you will come up with something delicious, good luck with the competition!