Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meeting The Marvelous Ms. M

Monica Smith 001
August 1st, and what a great way to start this month than to meet up with Monica Smith of Material Pleasures Bog!!  What a great person and artist she is, and what a fun, but short visit, we had.  They are here is California on holiday and liquid pleasures…. LOL They stayed the night in Bakersfield and are heading north as I write this.   Praying they have a safe trip.  Hopefully we can meet up on their way home and have a little more time to visit.  Those are some of her journals she has in her arms, and they were fascinating to go through, she has such a talent!
Monica Smith 002
Such a nice surprise for ME!!!  She made me this tag book and added some beautiful oriental papers.

Monica Smith 003

Here is the inside of the book, it is accordion style.  Look at all those luscious tags and papers, and all in my favorite bright colors!!

Monica Smith 004
Here is a shot of the cover, the flash really picked up the colors of the fabric.  Yes, she covered it with the greatest batiked fabric….LOVE IT!!

Thank you so much Monica!!
So now I'm off to get a mile long list accomplished today, as we are setting out early tomorrow morning for a BBQ competition, but more about that later, so stay tuned for some pictures of yummy BBQ.
Inky Hugs


  1. It's so nice to meet up with other crafters and what a fab gift she has given you x

  2. Thanks Krisha. Finally have enough Verizon. Power to. Post. IPad is acting up and I. Cannot change anything. It was fabulous to meet you. Thanks for your kind words. We spent Thursday at Petulma KOA. My idea of hell. Now in Boonsville. Hugs

  3. What a lovely presents, how lovely to meet up
    Rosie x