Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's going to be an INKY day

Well, it will be when I get these new inks opened. LOL! Yesterday my order arrived from  Everything you see was 40% off, making these Distressed Ink pads  $2.99 each, how could I pass this up?  I also thought I should have a couple of stencils,  a couple of Distress Stains, Distress crackle paint and a new StazOn black, and why not a stone gray too?  This morning I do have one dilemma.........
can you guess what that might be? LOL! yep, just where an I going to put them?  Granted there are a few here that are almost dried up (but only almost).  Yes, I know I have a LOT of ink pads already, but honestly I have only bought 6 Distressed ink pads, 2 StazOn and 1 Archival stamp pad in the last 10 years, until last week.  Some of these ink pads are pushing 15 - 20 years!  I have a Stamping Up pad that I bought with my FIRST stamp set and it is still good.  So see, storing them tightly closed and up side down really does make a difference. Do I still use all of them? The answer is YES and more than you might think. Okay, so what I am thinking ( and this could be dangerous... the thinking part) is going through them and removing the ones that are ALMOST dry, to a drawer for journaling use, since they don't make a good stamped image any longer, but still have enough ink to play with. I have 7 new ink pads, the black always stays on desk top, to find a home for, and honestly I don't think there are 7 that are headed for the journal drawer.
Will this cause a major "clean up"?  Guess I'll have to get started to find out.
Come back later and find out just what I did do..............LOL
Inky Hugs


  1. You are so thrifty Krishna. I guess I would do the same and use the old for mundane stuff. I love DI inks as the splashing of water and using them with acrylics make such great backgrounds. Jo Anns and Michaels are super great for those 40% off coupons and mail order. That is a great price.

  2. Fab bargain on your inks and yes I reckon once you start you will organise something else x