Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday is T day from young to old

from the young
Tuesday means T with Elizabeth and Bluebeard. and I am posting a little late (for me) this week.  Have been having the pleasure of my oldest Granddaughter, Hannah's company for two days.  She is almost 7, only a couple more weeks until it is official......(groan)  So here us our T-cup and T-pot shot for this week, yes those belong to the GDs! 

to the very old
This is a chocolate pot for the very early 1900s and was given to me by DH's aunt, who was an antique dealer in the 50s and 60s.  I was at an auction some years ago and the auctioneer is the one who told me what it was and about how old it is, using one in the auction as an example.  They also had tiny cups that went with them.  This sits at the back of the top shelf in my china cabinet, and all my kids have been told NOT to put it in a yard sale when I'm gone.  Actually there are quite a few items in the cabinet that are on the list, and I have a DIL that knows what antiques are and that they can be valuable

this morning she is at it all by herself
So, yesterday I introduced Hannah to the Cricut and showed her how to use it (I did all the settings)she places the paper correctly, loads the mat and presses what she wants to cut.  We have been cutting tags, then marbling them using shaving foam and ink.  At the moment she is at Betsy decorating them with what ever she can find...I think I am now out of pom poms.....LOL!
Later it will be a little roller blading (for her, I will ride my bike) lunch at the Red Wagon and a restful afternoon as she and her sister have swim lessons at 6:30 PM.
I'll link up with Elizabeth and hope to get around to see what everybody is doing today.  Our list of players  is growing weekly, good job Elizabeth!!
Inky Hugs



  1. Hi Krisha, happy T day!

    That antique chocolate pot is just gorgeous! How lovely having a little helper too!

    Thanks for visiting me, and I see on your other blog the Gelli Pad, I might be perusing that blog I think!

    I was pleased with the moon photo, best one I have managed ever!

    Cazzy x

  2. Happy Tuesday. How sweet is that chocolate pot? I love all the amazing things and stories being shared every Tuesday. Yes the party is growing. Elizabeth has done well. I am very grateful to find so many new friends.

  3. Lovely antique pot. How fun having your GD with you...having a craft buddy sure is fun!
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Love, love, love that chocolate pot. It is truly grand.

    You need to tell everyone what BETSY is. They have no idea BETSY is your desk!! OOPS, looks like I let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

    I love to make shaving cream paper. It's very addictive and I can never seem to stop. What a fun way to play with your GD. I'm sure she has learned a LOT from artsy you.

    Happy T Tuesday. See you later this evening, too.

  5. So nice that you are sharing your craft knowledge and "toys" with your GD! Your chocolate pot is gorgeous!
    Happy T Tuesday!

  6. Hello and Happy Tuesday. What a sweet post this is, love that hearing about your time with granddaughter. She got hooked pretty fast on that cricut, faster then me. That hot chocolate pot is so pretty, good for you to let the family know it stays!! Made me laugh to read that. Enjoy this time with the girls.

  7. What a beautiful chocolate pot. Lucky you have a GD who likes crafting with you. At that age ours always wanted to be out pounding nails into something with her Grandpa. She was and still is a real tomboy.


  8. How lovely to be able to spend some time playing with your granddaughter, I am jealous.. we are a continent away from ours and only see them every couple of years. Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog for T Tuesday. Keep on having fun with your granddaughter!

  10. PS I'll post the link for the no-bake cookies in next week's Tuesday post. Thanks for your interest!

  11. PS I'll post the link for the no-bake cookies in next week's Tuesday post. Thanks for your interest!

  12. Hi Krisha - what a fab way to spend the day with your GK - sounds like lots of fun - Happy T for Tuesday - Mxx #20

  13. Clearly having a lovely time
    Rosie x

  14. It's so nice to share our crafting with others,enjoy your time together x

  15. Love that chocolate pot!
    Been years since I have done the shaving cream and ink marbling. What fun to have a granddaughter who loves to craft!
    Happy T Tuesday! :)

  16. thank you for bringing back sweet memories of tea parties as a girl...your tea pots both young and old are very special!

    how lovely to have a GD with interests in creating AND so many great supplies to share with too