Tuesday, March 29, 2016

T Stands for.....TIME

This morning I am drinking my coffee out of a cup everyone has seen many, many times, so I'm using my Pinterest photo again.  I really need to look into actually buying a cup like this...if I cold find one for sale....LOL!

It is a bit chilly ( for SOCAL) this morning, for being almost April.  We had some very threatening clouds roll over us last night, but no rain.....just a lot of wind!

It is starting out to be an other busy week.  I had the GDs yesterday, the last day of Spring break, and that is why I'm a tad late for linking up with T- Gang.   Today, and possibly all week, I am going to help with a non-profit organization that helps women get back into the work field.

Thank you to all that dropped by last week and left me comments on the cards I posted.  I hope I got back to everybody.  I'm trying not to spend so much time on the PC and just keeping it to a few hours in the morning......over my coffee.....and just a tiny bit of creativity time....*grin*

"Time" to link up with the T-gang , make a few quick visits ( as many as I have time for this morning) then hit the shower and get ready to go help the "ladies".  I WILL try to get around to everyone before the week has ended.....LOL!

Inky Hugs


  1. So nice of you to volunteer, I´m sure many are helped by your support, as it can be daunting to start working again after many years, being ill, perhaps. Happy T-Day!

  2. I LOVE that cup, I would like one, too! Sounds like a good deed you are doing helping those ladies. Happy T Day. hugs, Valerie

  3. yes, i think i would buy such a Cup also if it came along my way...
    good luck with your helping Job - the women will be very thankful!

    thanks for your visit at my blog and happy t-day!

  4. I would love a mug like this one too. Your volunteer work is for such a good cause and I know they must be so appreciative of your time. Enjoy and happy T day!

  5. It is always nice to see you for T Krisha.
    Thank you for your visit and nice comment on our upcoming travels.
    Sounds like you are managing your time nicely.
    Finding balance is such a tricky thing as sitting at the computer can turn into hours in no time.
    Enjoy and Happy T Day oxo

  6. I spent over 12 hours uploading photos on my old computer to my slow internet on Sunday, so I totally understand why you would not want to waste time when you could be out helping others. Good for YOU!!

    I actually have a cup sort of like that, only mine is glass, clear, and the world is etched. I use it to house some shells I don't want to mix with the ones I will use in art. Thanks for taking time to join us for T this Tuesday and thanks for being a great volunteer.

  7. I think it is good to have set computer time! Enjoy your voluntary work! Happy T day! Chrisx

  8. I totally understand...its easy to waste too much time on the computer.

  9. Well done with your volunteer work. I'm sure you make a difference to many women. Barbxx

  10. Enjoyed your update. Have a most blessedly productive day!

  11. I too love that cup...and reading about your weather...I now see that the winds you had on Mon. & Tues. arrived in Ohio on Wednesday and Thursday! I am going to have lots of tree branches to pick up in the yard....sorry for being so late to get around to your T post...happy belated T day, and happy April Fool's! ;)