Sunday, April 25, 2010

GC Form Art Exchange

OOOOH Boy, this one almost wasn't! LOL! It started out so different, then almost hit the trash can, then I decided to pull everything off and try it again, JUST so I wouldn't have to cut 2 layers of cardboard and 1 more layer of CS. ( yeah I get pretty lazy when it come to hand cutting something)
So this is the second go around: I layered pastel tissue paper ( pink, yellow & purple) Stamped the floral image with black, then added a layer of white tissue paper over all of it. The scanner didn't pick up the muted pastel colors that come through (darn!) All of this tissue paper gave it a very textured surface (love my textures) so I just had to age it around the edges! I stamped the image on white cs and colored it with pencil, trimmed it out and added Glossy Accents to the centers of each flower. The lower right flower is made of wood. I found 3 flowers and a butterfly in 1 package, at the dollar store. It has been tinted with the same ink I used for the ageing of the edges, with a little pint in there too. I added a rhinestone to the center, just as did with the top gold floral charm. This took me all day and I still wasn't happy with it, but the more I look at it the more I really like it. Just something different, but I did get the laundry finished and actually did some ironing while waiting for all the layers to dry.................LOL

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  1. so glad it didnt hit the trash, all your flowers are Lovely!