Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something Different

Well, I know you all think I've been loafing about, not stamping anything or posting. But REALLY I HAVE BEEN BUSY! I just haven't taken the time to scan so I can post.
:-O I made this card for a swap and since have changed my mind. It is a rather dull colored card, but it all works together i it's own way, especially if I had gotten it scanned straight! LOL Oh my, should put the scanned just a little lower so I can actually see if it is straight before I hit the button!! I'm not a short person by any means, but it does sit up on a shelf above the PC. OK, I have no excuse, as hard as I have been trying!!! There are three more below this one that I did do since my last post. Right now I'm working on some swaps (5 cards to get finished) the designs keep rolling around in my head ( making a lot of noise) but for some reason I just can't get them to the paper. OH NO I HAVE STAMPER'S BLOCK!


  1. With all the beautiful cards you posted tonight, I really don't think you are having stamper's block...LOL... I LOVE your zebra card!! I think I know what you really have... you have acrylic block!!! eeeew... bad one I know!!!

  2. what a beautiful card and i too like you are having a block at the moment..i have atc's to create hugs jan

  3. This is beautiful. I love the way you've done the background.

  4. it is not dull at all i love it! it is actually very rich in color and imagery. great card.